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SmartCat Bootsies Combination Scratcher

SmartCat Bootsies Combination Scratcher

by SmartCat

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SmartCat Bootsie’s Combination Scratcher can be placed on the floor for your kitty to attack and scratch away at, or wall mounted so that your larger cat can stretch out fully without running out of a scratching surface. It is very important for cats to have a durable scratching post to help them tone their muscles, to remove old nail sheaths from their claws and to help relieve stress.

This Bootsie Combination Scratcher is made from fibrous woven sisal which is much more durable than wound sisal and this means that your feline friend will get much more use out of it. It is a sturdy scratcher with rubber feet to provide stability and prevent slipping while on the floor and comes with an easy to set up wall mounting system. There is also a nylon rope included so that you can hang it from your door if you prefer. Just decide where your cat is most likely to scratch and place it there. Hopefully, scratching your furniture will now be a thing of the past!

Dimensions: approx. L63 x W18 x D6.5cm

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sturdy, long lasting and great for the hall
Highly recommend these products. I have 5 cats and the Smart Cat range lasts really well
A success with a little encouragement
Jane H
We bought this as our cat likes to scratch horizontally and was destroying our sofa. In true cat fashion she totally ignored it at first. I then sprayed it with catnip and now she uses it all the time to scratch and I havenít seen her attack the sofa since. Very happy customer.
Great option for disabled cats!
I was looking for something different as my cat is disabled and can no longer use a vertical scratcher. He loves the cardboard ones but they move around a lot so this was purrfect. It is sturdy and quite heavy so he can really have a good spray and exercise his muscles as we'll as keep his claws tidy.
still waiting
Although it looks ideal for my needs I haven't yet persuaded the delinquent carpet scratcher to take to it; I have hopes as he uses the tall one of the same fabric. PS to review of the tall upright one - it's excellent value at the sale price; i wouldn't have spent £70 on it.
Couldn't get our tabby Honey to scratch his upright posts for love nor money. He much preferred tearing our carpet to shreds Now he loves the floor scratcher ! He can look after his claws and the carpet is totally ignored now
Saves my carpet
My daughter's cat wrecked our old hall carpet through her scratching. It was overdue to be replaced anyway but I didn't want my new one being damaged. The cat had no interest in her vertical scratcher. I thought I'd give this a try as it could be placed on the floor so would be more like the carpet. She loves it. Not only for scratching, she uses it as a perch too. My new carpet has so far not been targeted, so I'm very happy. The product was much cheaper than other sites were selling it and the service was great.
Excellent value for money
I bought this product two years ago,still going strong. My cat uses it often, never scratched the carpet or furniture.just leave it on the floor and suppose it feels like carpet to him. Highly recommend and excellent value for money.
My cat loves it
I have a large cat who loves this placed slightly higher on the wall, as she can stretch whille scratching.
The cats LOVE it!
1st horizontal scratcher we've had and it's a huge hit. Sturdy, and a perfect size for our adult cats. They both love scratching it and quite like just sitting on it too. Fabulous product - considering buying a second one in a bid to distract them from scratching stair carpet. 100% recommended and a great alternative to the usual vertical scratching posts.
Smashing Product
My very large tuxedo cat Louis loves to stretch out to his full length when he gets up in the morning. This scratcher has been placed on the half landing half way down the stairs so that he can give his claws a good workout. Cardboard scratchers really don't stand up to the thrashing Louis gives them this is sturdy and well made.