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Purrshire Sofa Protect Cat Scratcher

Purrshire Sofa Protect Cat Scratcher

by Purrshire

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Fed up of kitty destroying the edge of your sofa? Now you can protect it with this stylish Purrshire Sofa Protect Cat Scratcher. This nifty product is a standalone unit that is secured by the sofa leg resting on the base of the scratcher unit. Why not buy two and protect both ends? This is a great quality product that comes at a great price too.

Made from polyester with a sisal front and polyester fur trim, this sturdy sofa protector will allow your feline friend to rip away at it without damaging your furniture and the polyester backing adds extra protection.

To encourage kitty to use this scratching area there is also a dangly mouse to attack and you could further encourage your pet by adding some catnip to the protector. Cats just adore this natural product! This is a great product that comes at an equally great price.

Dimensions: 35cm diameter x H51.5cm

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These are brilliant.
Anne Blood
Brilliant devices which stop your cats from scratching your soft furniture. They do exactly what they are meant to do.
So good I bought it twice
We bought this for the first time when it was on sale as a temporary measure while trying to sort out more comprehensive cat proof covers for our new sofas. However this turned out to be such a good solution we haven't bothered with the much more expensive and fuller coverage covers. Which is great as the other solution would have spoilt the look of our whole sofa, while this little beauty only affects the front arms. We only have two as out cats love them so much that they use these in preference to bothering any other part of the sofas. I don't know why they specifically like these so much as we have many scratching posts and a 7 foot cat 'tree' with platforms and sisal wrapped legs. These sofa protectors hold up much better than other scratchers we have. They really go for it with their claws, all 5 of them, but these are barely fluffed up let alone wrecked. Our youngest cat, likes to try and get in between the curve of the scratcher and the arm of the sofa, and we often come in to the sound of scrabbling, and a pale butt and tail frantically waving in the air. However she hasn't yet managed to get stuck, and only wants to play with the furry inside of the scratcher, not the arm of the sofa. We had a problem with delivery by Yodel of our second purchase, they managed to vanish it into thin air on the day they said it was out for delivery. However after trying unsuccessfully sort it out with Yodel, we contacted Petplanet. They got back to us within a day, and a replacement arrived the very next day via DPD, with a gift of something off our next order. Great service and gives me confidence to keep shopping with them.
Perfect purchase
Arrived quickly and has stopped my new cat scratching the sofa. Great value for money
Brilliant brilliant brilliant, absolutely love it.
Sofa saver cat snatchers
Brilliant - have tried everything and only these work
Since I put these on the back legs of my leather recliner thereís been no more scratches yipee xx
Sofa Saver
This product is great. Like a couple of other reviews it did arrive in not great shape with staples poking out but the company sent me a replacement straight away that I had no problem with. I was trying everything to save my brand new sofa from my cat with no success until I discovered these to protect the corners. She didn't start using them straight away but now she uses them all the time and absolutely loves them. I still need to cover the rest of the sofa but she seems quite happy just to attack the scratching posts these days. And she still won't go near the big stand alone scratching post I had bought for her previously so this product has definitely been a success.
Brilliant and great value
Jenny Browne
At last I've found something to protect my settees which look good and now I no longer have to worry about my furniture being clawed as my cat uses these. I was so impressed that I bought four in total, one for each corner of my two settees. I'm delighted with my purchase!
Great idea!
They fit the settee perfectly, look good, and keep my two youngsters occupied! I have also put two by my armchair. Unfortunately, they donít go under the legs, but as they are very heavy so far the cats have not knocked them over, so they are also protecting my chair. If only I could find something to stop them using my door frames as scratching posts!!
My ginger Tom decided to jump up on the arm of the chair and stick his paw down the gap to get to his favourite scratching place. So I stuffed it with bubble wrap which stopped him but he wonít use it as a scratching post he just started on another bit of the chair🤨

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