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Sofa Protect Cat Scratcher

Sofa Protect Cat Scratcher

by PetPlanet

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Fed up of kitty destroying the edge of your sofa? Now you can protect it with this stylish Sofa Protect Cat Scratcher. This nifty product is a standalone unit that is secured by the sofa leg resting on the base of the scratcher unit. Why not buy two and protect both ends? This is a great quality product that comes at a great price too.

Made from polyester with a sisal front and polyester fur trim, this sturdy sofa protector will allow your feline friend to rip away at it without damaging your furniture and the polyester backing adds extra protection.

To encourage kitty to use this scratching area there is also a dangly mouse to attack and you could further encourage your pet by adding some catnip to the protector. Cats just adore this natural product! This is a great product that comes at an equally great price.

Dimensions: 35cm diameter x H51.5cm

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Great, must have product.
Absolutely amazing. My cats have a few scratching post and mats but alway seem to want to scratch one side of my quite expensive sofa, so I looked online and came aross this. Once delivered, itís was straight forward to slot under the corner of my sofa, and Iím impressed with how sturdy and the thick it is and would Certainly would have paid more for this, And in the future if it needs to be replaced I would definitely buy again. Really worth the money and stopping damage to the sofa which Iím happy about, And hopefully the cats love it.
Oreo loves them
Got 2 of these as mom was worried about her sofa. My kitten got straight to scratching them and enjoys playing with attached mouse on a daily basis. When I unpacked my order one mouse with a string came off but nothing that a needle and thread couldn't fix. She enjoys sitting and biting the top of it. Carpet has been saved, great value and they look stylish. Mom and kitty are both happy.
After years of wondering how to keep my cats claws from destroying my sofa I finally decided to give this scratcher a go and bought 2 for the rear corners of the sofa. How I wished Iíd discovered them sooner. These are fabulous snd the cats (I have 10) they just love them. Best thing Iíve bought.
Great buy!
I am so happy I bought this, my cat was at it within seconds of me putting it in place! He hasn't clawed the sofa once since he's had this, thank goodness, I'm sure the landlord will be pleased!
Great Furniture Saver
I bought 2 of these Sofa Protect Cat Scatchers to use on our divan bed. I first checked that they wouldn't be too tall, but was not a problem as the base of our bed is quite tall. Our 2 cats have a habit of coming into our bedroom and immediately stretch up to scratch the base of our bed, so when I installed these I was immediately impressed. They don't move because the feet of the bed sits on the base of the scratcher which is very sturdy and the cats are attracted to them instead of the bed, result!
Cats loved it! Does the trick my cats always use this instead of the sofa i have 2 of these now and one of the cats likes to play with the mouse... and it does what it says protect the sofa....
Fantastic product, like it a lot!
This is such a great idea and it is such a delight to hear my cat giving it a good old scratch! I got 2, one for each end at the front of the sofa and, with the help of feliscratch, she took to them right away! Mounting the sofa's feet onto the base was easy and even though the sofa's corners aren't completely curved the scratchers fit really well. They came with strips of velcro attached but I didn't really understand what these were for, since there was nothing they could wrap around. I'm guessing they are maybe for use with something like a chair or table leg, but the scratcher itself was fine without them so I cut them off! She does get a bit stuck sometimes but she's an old girl and doesn't retract her claws very well, but she usually manages to free herself! She seems to prefer this type of scratcher to the cardboard type so I guess getting a bit stuck now & then is worth it! This is a top quality product and a great idea, focusses attention away from destroying the sofa and looks good too. Highly recommended!
Our second sofa protect cat scratcher
So far we have purchased 2 of these incredibly useful cat scratchers. Definitely recommended to all who need to protect their sofa. The cat loves it and we are grateful. We are planning to buy more of them in the near future.
Love it
Maisey my cat love her new cat scratcher. My sofa is happy too!!!!
Excellent settee protector
These sofa protect scratchers are well made and an excellent idea. The velcro straps don't fit my particular sofa, but the scratcher platform fits well under my sofa foot and makes the scratcher stable. Having been scolded so many times for scratching the sofa, my cats are a little nervous of scratching the protector, but are slowly getting the hang of it. One minor problem was getting a claw stuck in the sisal. Overall I'm very pleased with the quality and value.
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