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Supreme Harry Hamster Tasty Mix 700g

Supreme Harry Hamster Tasty Mix 700g

by Supreme

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The Supreme Harry Hamster Tasty Mix is made with a delicious formula which includes soya, peanuts and sunflower seeds.

Officially the first and only food to be approved by the National Hamster Council, this well-balanced feed is nutritionally complete and offers a balanced diet. Leading to digestive health and promoting safe dental wear, these treats are highly palatable and come with zero added sugar.

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Seems fine
Not sure how to review this as I haven't ate any but my hamster seems to think its okay, he does leave the same chunks in the bottom of his dish and refuse to eat them though so there must be a lot in this bag he does not like.
excellent value for your money
i have always feed my hamsters on harry hamster food i also mix in a few other brands in with it which they seem to enjoy
Hamster Likes iT
Ive been buying this for some time as the hamster really likes it She doesnt like the black pellets so we take them out but she likes everything else
Better than the supermarket stuff
Loads of yummy nibbles in this pack its not mainly the brown bits that both of our hamsters leave They both eat all of the contents of this food so Im happy as there is no waste I still give them fresh veg and fruit to add to their diet but as a dry food I dont think Ill get anything any betterand the price is great
Competitive price
Much cheaper than my local pet stores I use this muesli as a slightly less naughty treat for my two Syrian hamsters I feed them a mixed pellet to prevent selective feeding but often this works well mixed with the muesli as theyre spoilt rotten x29
A great mix
The mix in this food is great a good ratio of pellets and nibbles with treats like pumpkin seeds and bits of corn We always use this as a complement to a plain pellet as just this alone would be far too many seeds in a hamsters diet
Top Dollar Hamster Food
Helen Graver
In the Uk the pet food isnt the best but this stuff is amazing I would never feed this on its own as it doesnt have that much Protein so I add Mealworms and sometimes Nibble Rings from Vitakraft If you are getting a Russian or Chinese remove all yellow bits but its VERY important you add mealworms in this case Great Product
My hamster loves this
My hamster Harry Dresden LOVES Harry Hamster muesli Ive tried her on this Vitakraft on a superstore own brand but she definitely prefers this brand Ill certainly keep coming back for more Edit back to buy more saw Louises review Harry doesnt like those sausage shaped things either she wont even pouch them to carry to the pantry just leaves them
Tasty looking
Good quality everyday food for little furry friends
Definitely going to buy again
I have had my hamster for just over a month now and need a new bag of this It lasted a long time for a Syrian like my fidget It has everything and when we got him he had a wet tail so we fed him on this and it went Only one thing he didnt like though and it was tose sausage shaped things that were brown Im going to buy this again it was a good price too

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