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Mark Chappell Odour Care Treats Small Animals 30g

Mark & Chappell Odour Care Treats Small Animals 30g

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How do Odor-Care Treat-Ums for Small Animals work? These tasty, easy to administer treats have been specifically formulated to help keep the cage smelling fresher for longer. Odor-Care Treat-UMs for Small Animals contain essential B-Vitamins from Yeast and other ingredients that can provide nutritional support for your pet.  Thus, Odor-Care Treat-UMs for Small Animals can benefit the overall health of your pet, while also controlling offensive cage odours.  Odor-Care Treat-UMs for Small Animals can be fun and rewarding and assist in the growing bond between you and your pet. Each treat contains only 3 calories. Suitable for Rabbits, Hamsters, Gerbils, Guinea Pigs, Pet Rats & Mice.
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My little hamster love it so much!
I will order again!
Great for guinea pigs
All 6 of my guinea pigs like these. I dont give them every day, more like every other day & only one treat each. As they are a sweet apple flavour in the middle.
Excellent treats for rabbit training!
Tracey Wigfield
My rabbits love these treats and I have used them to train them to go back into their hutch after playing outside. Easy to feed by hand without being nipped!
Nice idea but...
These are a great idea but do not attract the dwarf hamsters of mine in any way, you can put it in front of them and they'll ignore you because it's not really all that different to them than the food in their bowl, I add it in as a little extra but i wouldn't be sure they use it, but great idea all the same, I'll just add a few when I out their food out daily
he goes mad for these
My rabbits go nuts for these
My two rabbits absolutely adore these it is a great bonding experience for us I havent noticed any change with the odour but I dont really mind because they love these treats so much
Fab treat for rats
I have 3 female rats and they go mental for these biscuits as soon as they hear the rustling of the packet Would certainly recommend them to anybody with small pets Also a big plus about these biscuits is that they give my rats a coat with a beautiful shine
My hamster adored these treats.
I have a 2 year old syrian hamster and I mix the treat in with his food. The treat is the first item of food he goes for.The treats also have a great taste that is appealing to humans too and the resealable bag really helps to lock in that great taste and keeps them fresh.

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Hamsters & Mice: 1 treat per day

Pet Rats: Up to 1-2 treats per day

Guinea Pigs & Gerbils: Up to 3 treats per day

Rabbits: Up to 5 treats per day