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Flying Saucer Exercise Wheel Medium

This product can be found in: Hamster Toys

Flying Saucer Exercise Wheel - Medium

Product Code: 56839
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Innovative in design, this medium Flying Saucer will put an end to the irritating sound of your pet running on a squeaky exercise wheel!

Suitable for hamsters, this super silent spinning saucer is the safest exercise toy in the world. Totally tail safe with no cross bars or wire rungs, it provides 360 degrees of fun on the run. We think it won’t be just your pet that benefits from this flying saucer; enjoy quiet evenings as your hamster enjoys a run!

Silent design: squeak resistant plastic hub and smooth stainless steel axle
Solid running surface: sure-footed treads and a toe safe surface
Totally Tail Safe: no cross bars or wire rungs
Sturdy construction: stain resistant plastic and tip resistant design
360º of fun on the run!

Size: Medium
Dimensions: 16.5cm diameter

Please note this toy is not indestructible. All play must be supervised. Replace toy once worn.

This Flying Saucer is available in an assortment of colours; please let us choose.

One supplied

Customer Ratings & Reviews
V GOOD - SUITABLE FOR SYRIAN HAMSTERS posted on 24/01/2017 by hamsterwheelreview
Product Reviewed: Large
V GOOD - SUITABLE FOR SYRIAN HAMSTERS: sadly the manufacturer only does dwarf hamster size and this giant size for rats, and not an intermediate size specifically for Syrian hamsters, so you have to get this giant size. You need a v large cage for this to fit into: we have a large plastic box from Ikea, as seen used by others on You Tube etc. Quieter than most wheels, and the hamster can't store food in it!
great choice posted on 30/11/2016 by chloe-precious
Product Reviewed: Medium
I like these flying saucers and tonight I let the baby hamsters on them. At first they were scared but already they seem to love it
Great product that is going to be well used! posted on 07/05/2016 by Samantha
Product Reviewed: Small
I was slightly wary buying this as I have bought the medium sized ones for my Syrians and they have never used them. However, I got this smaller size for my two robos who love it. after a few technique issues they quickly got the hang of it and I use it as a treat, calming activity during training sessions. Good value for money for the amount of use it will get. Only criticism is that you can't chiose your colour
brilliant !! posted on 08/05/2015 by Hannah
Product Reviewed: Medium
my hamster never went on his wheel once! but he is slowly getting used to the saucer. i love it. it keeps him entertained and it keeps me entertained its soo funny watching them go on it. highly recommend
Great product posted on 18/09/2014 by hamster owner
Product Reviewed: Medium
Really great wheel for dwarves it took mine a little while to figure out how it works but now they have I cant get them off it
Great product posted on 01/04/2014 by michelle267
Product Reviewed: Large
Bought the large flying saucer for my syrian girl and she loves It also it is very silent when she runs on it all you hear is her feet running on it. Use it in her play pen or when changing her cage round.
Very easy to clean quiet Ahhhh posted on 07/03/2014 by Bob
Product Reviewed: Large
We got this for our African pygmy hedgehog and he enjoys it. It is quiet the only noise we hear is his toes pitter patter. There are no holes for his claws to get caught in and it is easy to clean. Very good value compared to other large wheels.
our hamsters love it posted on 11/12/2013 by Suel
Product Reviewed: Small
We have 2 syrian hamsters it took them a couple of days to get used to using it but now they love it its much quieter than their usual wheel They run so fast you cant see their legs move
great product posted on 24/11/2013 by iammags
Product Reviewed: Large
My chinchilla loves this We have mounted it on a board so it does not move around to easily
Perfect posted on 21/05/2013 by anais
Product Reviewed: Medium
Very good product for mouse
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