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Smartkitz Slot and Go Small Animal Play Unit Midi

Smartkitz Slot and Go Small Animal Play Unit - Midi

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Unfortunately, this item has been discontinued.

Create a fun and unique play area for your small animal pets with this Smartkits Midi Slot and Go set. Build and rebuild an ever changing variety of play building for your small animal such as rats, degus, chinchillas and guinea pigs to explore and play on. Hours of entertainment for any lucky small animal!

  • Fun and different animal house
  • Great for entertaining your small pets
  • Easy assembly from flat pack
  • Made from recycled cardboard

Create and recreate an ever changing adventure building for your small animal pets with this fun slot together play unit. Your small animals will love to climb, hide and scamper through this unit as they explore itís ever changing design.

This play area can be built and taken apart quickly and easily and is ideal for building in your petís hutches or runs.

This set contains a variety of 14 walls of varying designs. For even more fun you can combine this set with others to create larger, more intricate and entertaining designs.

Ideal for a wide variety of small pets including rats, degus, chinchillas and guinea pigs.

Please Note: Some small pets might not be happy with the design of this unit as it is and might try to redesign it by chewing on it. This is a natural instinct for many small animals as they often gnaw on things not only to keep their teeth healthy and sharp but because they are really into designing and personalising their own toys.

  • Set consists of 14 Ďwallsí

Please Note: Due to constant redecorations and use by your animals, this product may become unstable after a while. Keep an eye on the stability of this product and replace once worn. Use only under supervision.


This toy is not indestructible. All pets should be supervised when playing. Replace toy once worn.

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Gerbils love it
Mrs Kent
We have bought this before, it is an excellent enrichment product and the gerbils love scampering over it as well as pausing for a quick nibble. The circular discs that are pushed out to make the entrances can also be used as extra chew toys.
quite small
I would not recommend this for chinchillas. I would say this is more suited for medium sized rats, degus, etc. might be too big for hamsters... it is not too sturdy so the heavier pets could topple it over.
Wonít last long very flimsy
Fun for a few days very flimsy slots soon come apart and it collapses if trodden on By animal and itís knocked over. Sections split in two or you can keep them full size however perforations soon come apart so they snap into two even if you donít want it to but it is fun for them to play in. Wonít last long but for the price itís well worth it now itís reduced.
Not fit for purpose
Unfortunately this item really isn't of much use. I purchased this for my 8 week old female rats, but even though they are small and light, they knocked this over within seconds. With it lying down, they had a little climb on it, but all the pieces had come away within a few minutes. They prefer climbing things, rather than chewing so they won't chew the cardboard. I can't imagine how this would be suitable for anything larger than a hamster, even then I wouldn't risk them falling from the top. I thought the cardboard would be a hard cardboard, but it isn't it's quite thin. I appreciate the fact this has been reduced and isn't very expensive at all, so if your animals enjoy chewing the cardboard this might be ok for you, but mine won't so it won't be any use.
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