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Rosewood Naturals Fenugreek Crunchies 200g

Rosewood Naturals Fenugreek Crunchies 200g

Product Code: 8393
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Naturals are tasty, health small animal treats made from natural ingredients. Created as a great tasting way to provide your animal with an appealing and stimulating snack that is also full of healthy sustenance, these crunchy and aromatic snacks contain fenugreek seed which is known as a natural appetite stimulant, and, like all hard or crispy treats, they will also help to wear down growing teeth. With Naturals treats, you can be sure your giving your small animal a fun, healthy and tasty treat. 200g.

Customer Ratings & Reviews
Great cookies for the bunnies posted on 29/06/2017 by ashley
Rabbit's love these, but don't always scoff them like they do some other treats. They are not too sugary, so I give these out with less guilt than some other treats. I love watching the rabbits take a cookie from me like a dog and carry it off in their mouths. Not all of my rabbits like these to the same extent (from snatching enthusiasm, to mediocre curiosity), but they will all eat them when no other treats are on offer.
Rabbits love Fenugreek posted on 18/05/2017 by Fay
My 2 bunnies love Fenugreek. I never knew about this until I seen it on petplanet . It's worth the money because my 2 bunnies come running over when they can smell the Fenugreek when I open the packet . I know when they like something a lot because they 1/2 close there eyes when there munching away and want more . I would recommend this for bunnies
Can't get enough posted on 02/05/2017 by Bunny Mum
All my Rabbits go mad for these. They forage for them in the hay and make such a fuss if they hear the cellophane packet rustle. As they are made by Rosewood, they must contain only good things for bunnies. These are their favorite treat above all else, so please don't ever stop selling these.
Guinea pigs love them posted on 20/01/2017 by LuLu
Haven't tried this treats before, but my Guinea pigs have taken an instant liking to them. They are really crunchy, and a satisying size and shape. They also smell really nice! Will be re-purchasing.
My rescue bunnies love this treat and helps bonding posted on 07/01/2017 by srowan2
Crunchie manna for my bunnies! posted on 05/01/2017 by Scampie
I have 8 bunnies ranging in age from 1 to 7 years, and they all go crazy for these crunchy treats. Since I discovered them about 8 months ago, getting my potting shed bunnies in at night is so easy, one rattle of the box and they come stampeding in. I give each of them a crunchie in the morning and another one or two in the evening. They do not enjoy other treats anywhere near as much. I've cut right back on pellets and they now just have hay, fresh greens, a few pellets (on colder days) and the treats. Fantastic product, highly recommended, please never stop selling these!!!
Excellent value posted on 12/10/2016 by debra
My guinea pigs love theses, their wheeks are replaced with sounds of crunching. Really good for the teeth.
Fenugreek posted on 06/10/2016 by cbirdy
Rabbits love'em.
Enjoyable posted on 20/07/2016 by tallmama
This is the first time I have purchased them and I am glad to say my bunnies enjoy them.
i loved it posted on 19/02/2015 by crazy rabbit
my bunny loves these always have to order a big supply or she sulks
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