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Wodent Exercise Wheel Junior

Wodent Exercise Wheel - Junior

Product Code: 52720
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Rodents are attracted to Wodent Wheel's entry holes - which also offer a really nifty effect when watching them run.

Hamsters avoid broken legs and strangulations and sugar gliders go absolutely nuts on these wheels. Even rats love wheels if they don't get their feet hurt and their tails whacked by unsafe axle supports. (Give ratties lots of time — they are very cautious!)

The semi-enclosed design and the solid rear wall also makes rodents, who are natural "wall-huggers," feel safer as they run. Wodent Wheels are easily disassembled for cleaning and are constructed of tough, safe, recyclable plastic with a stable base of heavy-gauge painted steel.

  • Best for hamsters, small sugar gliders and larger mice

    Wodent Wheels are NOT recommended for gerbils, chinchillas and most degus due to chewing problems.

    Measures approximately -
    Diameter 20cm x W9cm
    Entry holes 5cm
    Overall height - 23.5cm

  • Customer Ratings & Reviews
    Perfect for my syrian posted on 19/09/2017 by Rika
    -Really well designed and sturdy so that my syrian can run for hours -Perfect size for him at the moment (he's a small/medium size syrian) as his back no longer bends during running -Best distraction he's had from chewing (he hasn't chewed a single thing in his cage ever since having this) -Probably not suitable for any rodent larger than a syrian or a particularly large syrian -Overall fantastic wheel, best one i've ever had!
    posted on 08/09/2017 by
    The best wheel for hamsters posted on 21/04/2017 by EmilyFluff
    I bought this fro my hamster and she loves it!! Only downside was that she put food in it and slept in it and when she tried to run at night it was noisy, but now has learned that its annoying after I left it in and didn't take it out so she did herself!! The best wheel out there and an amazing price I bought at for £9.99!!!
    LOVE IT posted on 25/10/2014 by cowanm1
    Our Syrian hamster would not go in the wheel which came with his cage but he is never out of this one Not noisy at all Best buy ever
    So pleased posted on 08/05/2014 by Honey the hammy
    So pleased with this looked for ages to buy the right wheel and this was the one most recommended As soon as we put it in her cage honey the hamster jumped on it and has pretty much been running on it ever since She didnt go near her old wheel that was supplied with cage x28far too smallx29 so she obviously loves this one So much better for Syrians no arching of backs etc and wheel is very quiet just little patter of running feet Excellent fuss free quick delivery also
    I think he likes it posted on 21/01/2014 by sheena
    I got this for Licourice as typically the one included with the cage. I got from the pet store was too small for him. Hes a Syrian. Great to see him going in and out of the holesvery cute and he appears to enjoy it but I dont see him on it a great deal at the moment. Only had my little fella for 3 weeks so still early days perhaps although maybe hes on it a lot whilst Im asleep. It takes up a lot of room but then I think Im gooing to have to invest in a larger cage anyway. Good quality for the price and no problems at all. Great website and I will order again in future Im sure Thanks Pet Planet
    Wonderful posted on 10/01/2014 by Peanut
    After having three very noisy wheeles I was looking for something that we could all sleeep through as all the others banged and rattled as our little fella ran The noise was so bad that even with the cage on the settee and the door shut it could still be heard from the bedroom downstairs Wanted the silent wheel but they didnt come in the 8inch size that is kinder to hamsters back but still fits in cage Found this Wodent wheel and we can now sleep while the little fella runs his heart out Not silent but Very quiet Would recommend
    Fantastic posted on 11/11/2013 by GB
    I consider this to be the best wheel available Very good quality product and safest design Ive ever come across My hamster loves it
    Best wheel for syrian hamsters posted on 03/07/2013 by carla
    Its hard to find a wheel that a syrian hamster can run comfortably in this wheel is the best i have 2 syrians and not only is this wheel silent but your hamster doesnt arch their back like on most wheels you get Great purchase
    Silent posted on 31/10/2012 by danielconnor
    I bought this to replace a VERY loud wheel and was a brilliant replacement It is extremely quiet and is very simple to take apart and clean would recommend
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