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Digging Tower for Hamster

This product can be found in: Hamster Toys | Small Animal Toys

Digging Tower for Hamster

Product Code: 8015
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This Digging Tower for Hamster encourages your pet to burrow and practice its natural instincts.

With two entry levels, one on the ground and one on the roof, your hamster can choose the one which suits his mood. The Tower can be filled with litter to allow him to burrow through and you can watch all his activities through the Plexiglas side window. An external ladder adds to the dimensions of this cage accessory.

Dimensions: W25.5 x D20 x H24.5cm

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Customer Ratings & Reviews
Hate, then love posted on 31/05/2010 by rorie-thomson87
I put my hamster in and he ignored the tower which was disappointing. I then decided to put him in his play pen with only the tower, and eventually he looked at it, realised what it was, and now loves it! I could not convince him to come out in the end! I think he even had a wee snooze in there! Thankfully there is a 'trap door' on the bottom so in worst case, you can force him out :)
Our cyril loved it!! posted on 25/02/2009 by andrew-whitefield
Our 1 year old syrian hamster named cyril enjoys his time in the digging tunnel. It is most amusing to watch him through the perspex screen digging away and then surfacing at the front entrance covered in wood shavings
Brilliant posted on 17/02/2009 by lucy-winrow
Excellent product posted on 15/08/2008 by wrong-rhyme
We bought this item not for hamsters but for chipmunks as there was no dedicated item available. I must say that the digging tower is great we hide nuts etc for them to find and they have great fun digging through it for them. Well worth the money and searching time.
posted on 18/05/2016 by imogen93
posted on 18/04/2009 by susanwanstall
hamster loved it posted on 21/04/2008 by philip-airey
once we got the hamster to go through the tower by tempting it with food now she knows how to use it and likes digging in it
Great Toy for Chipmunks posted on 14/04/2010 by Z.R
My chipmunks were at first nervous of the new toy but once it had been in their cage for a few days they investigated it and loved it. They dig in it and I bury food in there for them to find, they also seem to like going in there and laying on their backs, bless! They bite on the wood aswell so really good for their teeth. I dont think it was made especially well and I think anyone good with wood could make something much better, but its fine for its use and the chipmunks love it!
disappionted posted on 20/05/2009 by
My hamster didnt really seem to enjoy burrowing in this. It meant that I just used an awfull lot of sawdust, which she pushed out of it & moved her bedding in. I tried putting food & treats in there to encourage her, but it didnt work. It just ended up being a very large, very expensive bed for her. In terms of the product through, it is well made & she loves it being wood. Ordering & delivery was quick & easy.
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