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Rat Ferret Cage Starter Kit by PetPlanet

Rat & Ferret Cage Starter Kit by PetPlanet

by PetPlanet

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This great value Rat and Ferret Cage Starter Kit by PetPlanet is made up from quality products, to get you up and running in no time at all.

With 2 large doors on each level providing easy cleaning access, the Rat & Ferret Cage is a stylish dual level cage for rats and ferrets. It is a superb quality habitat for your small furry friends, providing them with plenty of space to run and explore, while the horizontal wire allows them to climb.

Constructed in metal, with a durable hammer paint finish, the cage comes complete with step by step instructions. There is plenty of room to hang your petís favourite items such as a hammocks, and secure door latches will prevent any escape bids. It also features litter guards around the perimeter of the cage to help reduce any falling substrate.

  • 2 separate levels.
  • 2 x platforms.
  • 3 x ramps.
  • 2 x hammocks.
  • Robust metal construction.
  • On wheels for ease of movement.

This Rat & Ferret Cage has four full width door openings for maximum accessibility for feeding and cleaning and has wide, removable, shelves and full platform pans for a spacious play area, with the protective rims on each side to prevent straw and food spillage outside the cage.

Colour: Black hammerstone finish

Size: W96 x D63 x H159cm

Tubing gauge: 16mm

Wire gauge: 3.5mm

You will also need litter to get this cage ready for your small furry friends, and with this kit you get a 2 x trial bag of Back 2 Nature Small Animal Litter Pellets.

This litter is suitable for rodents, mammals, birds and reptiles.

  • The pellets are biodegradable, they offer natural odour control and have no chemical or other additives incorporated.
  • The litter is super absorbent.
  • The litter is lightweight and features an easy pour spout and convenient carry handles.
  • Virtually dust free, there will be minimal debris transferred to your home

Bag Size: @1kg

The giant Classic Deluxe Rabbit Drinking Bottle is made from high strength and crystal clear plastic. It is practically unbreakable and features a printed capacity graduation that shows the correct level for filling.

With a stainless steel, twin ball point sleeve, it offers protection against your gnawing pets and, being clear, it makes it easy to monitor how much your pet is drinking.

  • Leak proof.
  • Fixing wire included.

Capacity: 1.1 litre
Length: 25cm

To complete your kit, you get a Stainless Steel Bowl which features a non-slip base.

Dimensions: Bottom: 16cm diameter x H3.5cm. Top: 10cm

Kit contains:
1 x Rat & Ferret Cage
2 x Back 2 Nature Litter
1 x Classic Deluxe Drinking Bottle
1 x Stainless Steel Non-Slip Bowl

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Love it & Great value
I love this cage so much, it's solid & sturdy the locks are great my ferret can't open it which is a big plus for me. I wish I had bought this cage first as i would of saved myself a lot of money. Looks & feels like it will last a good few years. I bought this cage in May & I am not disappointed I am really happy with it & my little fur ball is happy as well. Thank you so much Petplanet.
Perferct bar spacing for rats :)
5 Rats are happy
After buying other cages and none being suitable, this is the perfect cage. Plenty big enough for our 5 rats. Good price for a sturdy cage. Instructions could have been better but once we got to grips with what to do, it was quite easy. Bar spacing perfect, which I must say is important when you own rats. Thumbs up from us :)
love it
I love this cage so do my 4 ratties easy to put together and came well packed. Customer service brilliant too, when delivery came was missing water bottle, food bowl and litter. But they came on different delivery later in evening.but customer service was quick even though it was my mistake lol excellent value for money
A cage to beat all cages
Apart from the IKEA style instructions once made up this is a massive sturdy cage which should last a lifetime. Get this if you want the best.
Very good
Received today and must say it is very good quality for the price and a very big cage for rats or ferrets. Only downside is that the instructions that come with are very basic and may be hard to follow for some people. But other from that excellent for the money i would deffo recommend thanks. :)
excellent quality
Excellent cage, huge wide doors and ALL metal! perfect for chinchillas if you remove the ladders! nice and easy to put together and not in the slightest bit flimsy! you can block off the gap, to make 1 or 2 cages, nice small gap between bars to prevent escapees and good locks. I shall certainly be ordering more!
Good value cage!
The cage is great once it's up but it's a bit tricky to assemble especially if you're by yourself. The Allen key provided may as well be made of cheese - better off getting your own (4mm).It took them a while to work out how the ladder works, and so far my two rats have only stayed on the top half but I'm hoping they'll explore a bit more, it's a large cage for two and could hold quite a few more. There's plenty of space for them to run around and play, and have some space form each other if that's what your rats need. The closer bars being vertical is a bit more difficult to hang things at the right height on the sides but not too much of an issue. The doors being the whole front is really handy for cleaning and for interacting before the rats are ready to be fully handled.The water bottle leaks a bit when moving it around the food bowl is fine, nothing to note about that Not really had enough time to say anything about the bedding but it seems fine so far-overall it's a good cage at a good price.
Good cage value for money
The cage is great, big and mostly good quality besides a couple of bits slightly bent which is easily fixable. Very happy with my cage choice. Also came with 2 single layer hammocks, good quality litter, large water bottle and secure bowl.
Great Cage, Great Service
Researched this cage and bought on the strength of reviews, Price was on offer at £150 as a starter kit and at the price it is fantastic value for money. Cage is huge and well engineered, big double doors make cleaning and access a doddle. The one I received had a couple of bits of damage but customer service was fantastic and sorted this very quickly. I can only assume I was unlucky to get damage as the review scores are so high and it really was a pleasure to receive such old fashioned and caring customer service. Rats absolutely love the cage and soon filled the space, have 4 females and the size really gives them a chance to run around. Highly recommend this cage and company.
Great value for the size.
I bought this cage as my girl rats have the Liberta explorer and I wanted to upgrade my boys cage but didn't want to pay the hefty price tag that comes with the Liberta. I saw the Petplanet start bundle on offer for £149.99 and thought I'd go for it. At first sight the pet planet cage seemed identical to the Liberta, the hammocks are the same and even the assembly and poorly written instructions were the same haha! But once I started to put it together I started to notice the difference. This cage has shallower trays which does mean a lot of mess spills out onto the floor. Another thing I found was that the doors are slightly wonky and although they close and lock ok, it does take a bit of wriggling. I'm not sure if that's the same for all of them or if I just got a faulty one. The cage has all of the same shelves/ladders that the Liberta does and is also the same size. Overall the cage is great, I wasn't expecting it to be as good as it is! Definately worth the £149.99 and I'm glad I didn't pay the extra to get another Liberta! ??

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