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Nugi Indoor Dog Litter Tray Medium Orange White

Nugi Indoor Dog Litter Tray Medium Orange & White

Product Code: 57485
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Unfortunately, this item has been discontinued.

House training your puppy can prove to be a strain on both owner, puppy and of course the carpet! The plastic NUGI Indoor Dog Litter and Pads are a unique solution, that provide a neat and efficient answer to your dog's indoor toilet needs. With NUGI you can say goodbye to messy paws, urine smells and mountains of wet newspaper or pee pads and hello to a cleaner home and environment. The ingenious design of the NUGI Tray includes rubber feet to prevent any slipping, a grate that locks securely into place ensuring your dog will benefit from dry paws, but remain unable to get at the urine pad to rip it up or chew on. Poop can settle on the grate and be removed at your convenience. The Tray comes equipped with a free NUGI Pad to absorb the urine. Rather than needing to be disposed of, simply rinse clean and stick to a wall to dry before reusing over 50 times! NUGI Pad refills can also be purchased in packs of two. A minimal percentage of urine is left on the pad which encourages your pet to return and reuse the Nugi Tray. We are sure you’ll agree there is no more practical a solution than this. The Tray is W47.5xD54.5xH3.5cm (18.75x21.5x3.5")

Customer Ratings & Reviews
seriously couldnt do without this posted on 31/10/2012 by c4z5
I did some research into what would be best for house training our new puppy obviously recommended were thedisposable puppy pads but I couldnt help but feel this was quite wasteful and possibly quite expensive I found this product and decided to give it a goand im so glad I did My puppy took to the pads almost instantly its clean easy to use and the pads can be simply washed down and used again Its saved us a lot of money etc I actually ended up buying two as it seemed my puppy would poop on one and pee on the other My only recommendation would be to buy another set of pad refills as they take a couple of days to dry and its good to alternate them At the price they are for a pack of two its well worth it
Excellent Item posted on 22/08/2011 by Matriarch
The pads are so easy to clean we just hose them off in the garden and slap them to the patio window to dry. The tray is a good size and fits in a large crate too. Very well made.
brilliant but posted on 16/04/2011 by midnightvelvet
I love this tray and my puppies or at least one of them uses it whenever indoors Im still working on the other oneLOL At the risk of sounding really stupid the pads arrive in a plastic bag and the pads themselves seem to have a further plastic cover Should the cover which has the Nugi logo on it also be removed as this seems to absorb urine and I wasnt sure after seeing the pics I also cant see where I would stick the pad to a wall to drybut other than that love the concept
Just Brillant....!! Thank you Nugi...!! posted on 25/03/2011 by JD007
While living in Asia we bought our sausage dog and happily took him home to our flat. We instantly realised that we would need an indoor toilet on which to train him as being on the 22nd floor we could hardly whip him outside to avoid every single puddle. Initially we used a tray similar to the Ugodog and our puppy had a great time chewing the grate which does not lock down and shredding the smelly, pee soaked newspapers and distributing them around the flat...I thought we would never acheive a clean, odourless, calm home life again! THEN I FOUND THE SOLUTION IN THE NUGI TRAY AND PADS!!! The grate locks down so our puppy's attempts at getting at the urine pad were foiled, the pad itself absorbs the smell of the urine and rinses quickly clean and simply sticks to the shower wall to dry while we use the alternate one we bought a refill pack of two as the toilet is in constant use. The leftover urine smell on the pad which only the puppy could detect kept him returning to the same spot to pee and he was trained in a flash...ORDER WAS RESTORED! When we moved back to the UK I brought the tray with us thinking I would easily be able to buy the refill pads here only to find there was no such thing in this country! We still live in a flat so, while I walk my dog daily he still needs his indoor toilet and I have been getting them shipped from Asia at great expense! I am so relived you have them for sale Pet Planet! This is the solution that the UK market has been missing...flat dwelling dogs, owners who can't get out enough, dogs with weak bladders and puppies in training can all breath a sigh of relief: A SOLUTION IS FINALLY AT HAND! Hooray for NUGI! Overall Quality Value
It is good product not excellent posted on 26/09/2011 by dragonbbstudio
We trained our dog for 2 weeks to get used to the product. Our dog refused to use the pad so we use newpaper instead of the pad. The pad can not hold a few pee's. You need to clean it ofen which makes it no differenet to newpaper. The holder is good as it makes home clean.
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