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Indoor Grass Dog Toilet by PetPlanet

Indoor Grass Dog Toilet by PetPlanet

by PetPlanet

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Terrific for puppy training, this Indoor Grass Toilet by PetPlanet is just perfect for puppies or small dogs. It is a draining system for urine that resembles a patch of grass and will contain your pup’s waste in one area. A brilliant product that is simple, hygienic and convenient, the urine seeps through the patch of synthetic grass into the tray below for easy disposal and cleaning and any solids can be easily scooped from the surface.

It will assist you house training your pup and stop you waking up to any little surprises! Training dogs can be a very messy business but this artificial grass dog toilet will help put an end to all of that. Once your pup begins to use it properly and realises that it is not a toy, you can start to move it closer to the door until eventually, he or she gets the idea to go into the garden to eliminate.

It also features anti-skid rubber feet to protect your flooring and is especially ideal for wooden or laminate floors. When nature calls you do not want the outcome to be spread around your house!

  • Easy to clean artificial grass
  • Appealing to dogs as it feels like real grass

Dimensions: L63 x W48.5 x H6cm

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Were we lucky...
My 9 week old puppy took to his toilet from day one. Not a single miss or accident. Easy to clean and reassemble. I could not have wished for more success with this. Toilet trained from day one...we must be lucky, but I highly recommend. We have acquired some astroturf and cut it to size and whilst the original is drying we put a temporary replacement down, works well.
Great Idea
I'm not due to bring my pup home for a couple of weeks,but thought the idea of training on a grass like surface would definately help once he is persuaded to go in the garden.Can't wait to try it out!
Very Good
It's a good alternative if using puppy pads did not work in training.
A really good idea
I bought this in desperation as my 4 chihuahuas still 'go' in the house. The plastic grass doesn't look or feel like grass so at first my dogs wouldn't use it. A friend gave me an offcut of her garden artificial grass to put on the tray and they do go on that. Hopefully they will continue to use this instead of the carpet. They've only done #2 on it so far.
I loved it
Really good value great product recommended
Does itís job
Dog keep running off with puppy pads. She canít run off with this. Once we took the grass off. She managed to rip up the grass a bit too easy. But still uses it without.
I have a very small puppy and it is ideal to train them instead of paper
Not for my puppy
The concept is good. But my 10 week old puppy just wanted to shred the grass. I use it is with a puppy pad on top, which sometimes helps if he misses and some goes in the tray. But he goes just as happily on a puppy pad alone. So for my puppy it was it a success.
Needs deeper tray
Great size, sturdy product, down falls, needs emptying often as the wee drips out otherwise, could do with spare piece of grass as you can't use product while grass drying. Plus they used it with in seconds and worked a treat to help puppy training

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