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Cats Best OkoPlus Clumping Wood Cat Litter 5Lt

Cats Best OkoPlus Clumping Wood Cat Litter 5Lt

Product Code: 50895
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Unfortunately, this item has been discontinued.
Cats Best OkoPlus Clumping Wood Cat Litter is made from 100% natural organic fibres, and is a clumping litter that works as a natural odour and germ trap.

OkoPlus Clumping Wood Cat Litter is an effective litter that, thanks to the unique JRS-Organic FIBRE700-Technology, functions like a natural odour and germ trap. Moisture and odours are absorbed quickly and long-term by the fibres' ultrafine capillary system. This stops odours developing over a long period of time – all without chemical additives.

  • Compostable and 100 % biodegradable.
  • Super economical and efficient: Base content may remain 4-6 weeks in the cat toilet .
  • Total odour control – No artificial, chemical additives.
  • Excellent absorption – More than 700 % absorption.
  • Organic: from 100 % natural organic fibres.
  • Significantly less waste.
  • For the same output approx. only one third of the weight of mineral products.
  • Waste clumps can be disposed* of in the normal household toilet (*be sure to check your local disposal regulations).

This award winning cat litter is one of the most absorbent clumping litters on the market, and with its odour and germ trap it is a winner once again. Not only is this litter kind to your cat and your home, but being 100 % biodegradable it is also kind on the planet.

Contents: 2.3kg, 5 litres

Cats Best OkoPlus Clumping Wood Cat Litter is a pure natural product, produced from 100 % renewable organic fibre – raw material without artificial and chemical additives. For the production of Cat’s Best OkoPlus only the finest organic fibres are used, which come from untreated, domestic fir and spruce wood. These plant products come from well managed forests, and for this Cat’s Best is certified according to PEFC.

Click here for details of the 2007 "Highly Commended" Award

Customer Ratings & Reviews
Excellent product posted on 10/10/2016 by Medical_Maverick
I did ask Google before buying this product, which was recommended more than once. It's definitely a great product and does keep excess odours away. Will definitely buy regularly! :)
Amazing litter. posted on 26/09/2016 by yahoodi100
I have had cats for many many years. Having moved into a flat and taken on a friends older cat I wanted something to control smell and save massive bags of litter being carried out and in. This does everything and more. Cat loved it from day one. I keep thinking it must need changing but it does not! No smell, long lasting, so efficient at what it does. I believe it is less expensive considering the time it is lasting. Well done OkoPlus.
saves you money in long term posted on 06/03/2016 by kittenfosterer
Its great value , you scoop only whats used very easily which saves money. have used the wood pellets for years but this is much better. each time used it ends up in a small ball and its only that you are removing..
Weirdly excellent posted on 04/06/2015 by octaviak
I sometimes stray from this litter but always come back to it. No smells, magic clumping. Yes, it gets traipsed around the flat a bit, but it's worth it!
THE best cat litter posted on 16/12/2014 by Shona
I have tried a variety of cat litters for my indoor cat and this one is by far the best Easy to remove soil and clumps and dispose in the toilet There is no residual odour from the litter or chemical smell on my cat This litter is also excellent value as the tray only needs emptying and refilling every few weeks x28provided soil and clumps are removed dailyx29 In short a cat litter that is natural kind to the environment keeps smells to a minimum and is excellent value x29
posted on 30/10/2014 by vicky881
Very good litter Highly recommend
posted on 16/10/2014 by Kylies Mum
This cat litter is amazing I usually use wood based pellets but this abd thought I would let my cat try it It is smaller than the pellets and can be a little messy when your cat steps in and out of it but it clumps into a neat little ball after your cat had used it The clump picks up in one go and very cleanly leaving nothing behind It is really clever stuff I would recommend people to give it a try I think its worth it as you dont need to change it as often
Best ever cat litter posted on 03/04/2014 by Catwoman
This is an amazingly long lasting cat litter which does everything the packet says. Wee poo clumps are easily removed leaving a clean non smelling litter tray again. The only minus point is that it does seem to stick to our long haired cats paws and leaves a trail round the house but then so do most other litters.
great cat litter posted on 21/03/2014 by jo_kir
All the reviews I read before buying this didnt lie, really is a great product and will always buy this for miss kitty from now on.
The best cat litter ever posted on 01/01/2014 by Hairyjack
In over 20 years of keeping cats this is the best litter that I have EVER used It lasts for ages doesnt smell and as its soft like pooing in earth I suppose the cats just adore this stuff I would recommend it without any hesitation
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