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CATSAN Smart Pack 2 x 4Ltr

CATSAN Smart Pack 2 x 4Ltr

by Catsan

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The Catsan Smart Pack offers a new approach to cat litter. This CATSAN Smart Pack is as efficient as 30 litres of conventional non clumping cat litter.


Simply place 1 of the extra absorbent, micro-fleece liners under the Catsan Hygiene Litter. The liners will absorb the excess liquid and stop odours before they can develop.

The pack contains 2 liners and 4 litres of Catsan Hygiene Litter, CATSAN Smart Pack will be inserted and disposed of without any dust and due to the liner there is no need anymore to scrub and to wash the litter tray afterwards.

Fits litter boxes from:
Height: 8 - 17cm
Width: 26 - 45cm
Depth: 37 - 55cm

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The easiest way to change cat litter
Jen M
We have a large Maine Coon who insists on using the litter tray every day, despite going outdoors on a regular basis. She clearly appreciates Catsan, and despite digging away for hours, she's never once ripped the liner (hope I haven't spoken too soon!). The smart packs are very easy to use, just unwrap in the litter tray, fit the elasticated sides round the tray and it's ready for your cat to party in. If you 'poo pick' every day (whilst the cat watches in disgust), the litter pack can last several days before needing a change. So it's quite cost effective too. It even copes if your cat suffers a 'poonami' - just scoop the entire liner up, enclosing the litter, tie the top together and dispose of. If only it was as easy to clean your cat's fluffy trousers too. ugh.
Since this is very heavy, it was nice to be delivered to my door. Also is cheaper than going to the supermarket.
My cat likes it ! And there's a noticeable improvement in the practical and cleaner way one can remove and replace the cat litter.
Fantastic product
I bought this for the first time along with a litter box and its fantastic I used to use to go through a lot of litter before i bought this and now i dont Buying this has saved me a lot of money and i will continue to use them They were recommended to me by a friend and i would certainly recommend it to others
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Great product shame about delivery
I am a big fan of this cat litter and have used it for a long time, it really makes litter changing day SO much easier.
Brilliant product
I used to line our corner shaped cat litter tray with newspaper but this idea saves all the hassle
I love this product
cat lady
I love using this cat litter used it since it first appeared on the shelves no litter tray liners to buy it works out cheeper and easier to use just lift the whole thing out by its blue tags tie them together so the whole litter forms a bag and straight into the bin no touching the litter or making a mess
Great Product
I've always used Catsan litter but found that it doesn't soak up the wee very well. These liners are brilliant though I no longer get any wee sitting at the bottom of the litter tray. One of these is currently lasting around 5 days for my cat but lasted near 9 days for my previous cat.
Fist class
Used various litters over 20yrs this is best by far for indoor catshumanswe cannot smell it at all until 45 days use by 2 catsand we keep it in the kitchen Easy solid removal and drawstring sides for disposal make it clean enough for children to help in all aspects petcare
Great value
This is a great product as you don't need to top up the litter as it doesn't clump. I have a 4 month old kitten who loves to dive around and as long as you empty the poops every day there is no oudour from the box and I have been able to get 2 weeks use from 1 single pack. I would definatly recommend this product.