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Pettex Paper Cat Litter 30Ltr

Pettex Paper Cat Litter - 30Ltr

by Pettex

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With effective moisture and odour control, this 100% recycled paper litter is dust-free and does not stick to the tray. It has the added advantage of being lightweight, and therefore easy to carry and to use when filling the tray. Soft on your cat’s paws, this litter is also non-toxic and is fully biodegradable. 30 litres by volume.

Please note: this product is 100% recycled, therefore we cannot guarantee every bag will be exactly the same with regards to density. As this is a recycled product, the raw material paper source will not always be the same. It will have some changes in colour from time to time and, dependent on the characteristics of the paper, the “granule” size/shape might also change.


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Best cat litter
I have had cats over the last 40 years. this cat litter is the best and most economic I've ever bought. The cats love it and I'm no longer woken up in the night by them scratching in their tray.
All my cats love it
I was eager to buy recycled paper cat litter. I was not disappointed and neither were my cats. Soft on feet, easy to clean out from the tray and no smell. 5 *****
My cat loves it
I have an elderly indoor cat and I wanted something that was soft on her feet.This does that perfectly. I changed to this from the usual grey granule litter which gave off clouds of dust. I had to put a thin layer of that on the Pettex to get my cat used to the change but I only had to do that once before she was using it with no problems. This has given me no trouble with dust at all. It has a pleasant light smell. The big plus for me is how easy it makes cleaning her litter trays out.One shake of the tray and its all cleaned out with very little left sticking to the tray.There is no horrible layer of nasty wet product left on the bottom of the tray that has to be scraped off before washing the tray. It does track quite badly but I put a couple of puppy training pads down where my cat gets out of the tray and that seems to have cut that down. But I'm happy to put up with that just to have the ease of cleaning the trays Pettex gives me.Instead of feeling like I need a bath when I've cleaned the trays this takes half the time with a great deal less mess. Solved the tracking problem. My cat likes to claw anything she can get her paws on so I bought a coir door mat and put it by her litter trays. The mat cost less than 4 and it worked. She gives a good clawing after she uses the trays and the litter stays on the mat. I just need to shake it outside every few days.
Cat Approved!
Got this litter in place of usual one and cat was quite happy to use it which was great. Good substitute to keep in mind. Thanks
Excellent and speedy service
Awesome Product No Smell After A Week
Literally all I had to do in the first week for my two girls was remove the solids couldnt even find any wet bits to take out After a week it did begin to smell of ammonia a bit but so much less wastage than with our normal wood chip type litter Only downside is that it tracks through the house because its so light but Ive put the covered tray inside a big cardboard box to catch the worst of it before it gets tramped down the hall and up the stairs by us picking it up on our footwear Brilliant for absorbing the smell though and so little waste because of only having to remove the solids Recommend hugely
It works well
I have two kittens they USUALLY use their litter tray and this does seem to absorb well and keep the smelliness down. Also I can flush it away.
Even better than Breeder Celect which I can't get any more. Makes less mess and is really light and easy to use
She loves it!
My elderly cat loves this litter and has actually gone back to using her tray-thank goodness. Virtually odour free and easy to empty the tray and kind to elderly feline bums. Great product.Margaret,Nottingham.
Excellent value, excellent product
I run Rodent Rescue in Eastbourne and all our rats, some mice and cats are on Pettex. We used to buy from a local pet shop at a much higher cost. The product in my opinion is unbeatable and PetPlanet's price for a 30ltr sack is wonderful as we buy 4 to 6 a time. Delivery was quick and efficient - I can not fault them at all.