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Friendly Natural Cat Litter 20kg

Friendly Natural Cat Litter 20kg

by Friendship Estate

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Friendly Natural Cat Litter is an eco-friendly choice with a sweet smelling minty freshness from Friendship Estates.

Made uniquely from British grown straw, it offers benefits that are impossible to replicate by other litters. Using straw means that it is a rapidly renewable byproduct of cereal production – a truly eco-friendly choice. Plus this litter offers comfort to your cat, an important quality when choosing a litter.

Other important features include:


  • Pellet cat litter
  • Natural
  • Clean
  • Economical
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Bio-degradable
  • Lightweight
  • 3 times more absorbent than traditional litters

It only requires 1cm of litter at the base of your litter tray meaning this is economical and easy to remove and then you can flush or compost this litter or dig it into the garden.

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Good litter
This litter smells very natural, like hay with a bit of mint . It puffs up when wet and is heavy enough not to get all over the floor on paws. I always buy it.
Kitty hates it...
I am not sure either. The fact that I can flush the poo is great. The fact that I can tip the wet stuff into the garden is also great. The fact that she has taken to pooping in the bath or the sink as she hates the litter tray is less good news. Really have to keep on top of the litter tray with this stuff. and it smells horrible, even when fresh. Not sure I will continue with this. I bought a 3 for 2 deal. but would recommend that a new person to this just buys one to see how they go first.
The best of all we have tried
Simply the best litter we have tried. Not only is it not have a bad odour but the damp litter goes to a powder and can be easily separated and then put on the garden as it is fully biodegradable.
Good deal
Excellent litter product as it is biodegradable. Use as directed and it could save you money on using conventional litter.
Miss Moppet
We have two cats and have absolutely no problems with smell etc. We are very vigilant on litter duty and scoop out any poo's as soon as they're noticed to flush down the loo (it's not advised to compost cat poo due to potential pathogens). As the straw pellets break down when they're wet (wee'd on) it's super easy to keep on top of with a little shovel as solid clean pellets are kept behind and the broken down wet ones go straight in the compost bin (which is a great bonus as the compost bin originally had too many"greens" going in it from the kitchen!). For those of you that have problems with smell with this litter I think this stuff simply has to be handled differently to your usual clay based stuff and you have to stay on top of it a bit more - we have 2 litter trays and one litter tray's worth of pellets goes in the compost every morning but seen as you only need to just cover the bottom of the tray the bag still goes a long way. We also have a quick once over in the evenings to flush any poo's. Personally I don't mind the extra work compared to clay litter as I have piece of mind that the cats aren't licking potentially harmful clay dust off themselves. We did try to flush it all at first before I realised it was safe for composting and that (as a previous reviewer mentioned) did mean a lot of flushing which was a waste of water and you had to do it in batches to prevent the loo blocking! Overall it's a brilliant product and by far the best cat litter I've bought.
We like this litter & Dad composts it too
Such good value and keeps on giving as easily composted once the solids are removed. Our girls have used this for years and now RSPCA have gone to inferior saw dust based product, glad that Pet Planet are reliable stockists for this great product.
I ordered this as its cheeper for me to order large sacks with having several cats this is brilliant doesnt mush up an go all over the floor and smells good ive purchased a few times and will continue to order
Great Cat Litter
I was looking to find a more natural cat litter to the usual cheap clay one that I have used for many years. I had read that it's not good for you cats health to use the clay sort because the dust from it could be ingested when they groom themselves. Well, I think this cat litter is great, all my 3 cats took to it immediately, even the cat that likes to go in the garden, uses it now. I clean it daily, as I have always done, and have found there to be no issues with unpleasant smells. I even contacted the company to ask about the mint scent and was told it was a herbal mint that was added and which was safe if accidentally ingested, this is what really sold it to me and now I will only buy this cat litter from now on. I went on to order 4 more after trying it out first, so that I don't run out of it. The most important thing though is I feel it is healthier for my gorgeous cats.
Love it
Diego Mac
Smells great and disguises kitty odours for ages as well