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Sanicat Clumping Cat Litter 20L

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Sanicat Clumping Cat Litter 20L

Product Code: 68772
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This Sanicat Clumping Cat Litter is a practical and hygienic cat litter.

This is a natural cat litter, made from 100 percent bentonite, that is clumping. This feature is great for cat owners who perform daily maintenance on their litter tray. It forms clumps that are easily removed, and allows the remaining unused product to remain clean.

  • Highly absorbent
  • 100% natural clay
  • Good odour control
  • Economical
  • Clumping

Having cat litter in the home neednít be an unpleasant necessity, and with this clumping litter you can keep your catís litter tray clean and odour free, creating a clean and pleasant environment for you and your cat.

Material: Bentonite

Contents: 20 Litres

Customer Ratings & Reviews
Great value for money posted on 30/03/2018 by 9088dawn
Excellent product with Excellent customer service.I have 4 Maine Coon cats ranging from 12 to 17 years old and this product does what it says
Clumps very well! posted on 14/02/2017 by Rasa
I had tried Cats Best OkoPlus Clumping Wood Cat litter before this one and although it smelled really nice sometimes the clumps would get stuck to the bottom of the litter tray and it would be messy to clean up. This litter clumps really well and the clumps don't stick to the bottom of the litter tray if I put plenty of litter in it. The litter has no bad odours and it looks very clean. I'm happy and I hope my kitty is happy too.
The best cat litter I have found posted on 24/11/2016 by Mike S
We have used clumping cat litter for years. We did buy from Sainsbury's but their clumping cat litter has gradually got more expensive. This works out very cost effective, delivered to your door and a great product. You do not need to refresh the litter that often and just take the clumps out very easily. I would recommend it to cat lovers.
The best for the money. posted on 22/11/2016 by Fusspot
Have used Sanicat Clumping litter for years. I have tried others but always return to Sanicat Clumping. Not only great value but clumps into a good solid ball which is easy to seperate and lift out from the litter using a scoop.
Does the job very well & lasts a long time posted on 09/09/2016 by D
After discovering how wasteful and revolting non-clumping cat litter seems, I've tried several clumping litters and this one always beats the competition. The clumps turn very solid (if left for a short while) & are easy to lift out, leaving a clean & tidy area behind, with top-ups applied as necessary. My cat is fussy about using a used tray (wouldn't any of us be too?), so he can always have a clean toilet by using Sanicat clumping litter.
Great value posted on 16/08/2016 by Katharine
I have found this to be the best cat litter around. Although the initial outlay is expensive, it is the most efficient and absorbent clumping litter that I have ever used. In other words, it actually does what it says it does. I have used this with litters of kittens and their mothers and am currently using it for a foster cat with a urinary problem (lots of it!). I would say that if your cat mostly goes out of doors to do what it has to do a cheaper litter would be good enough.
Great product posted on 10/12/2016 by Amockler
Great product couldn't be happier with the quality of the actual litter.
Good litter posted on 19/01/2017 by pyshake
I find this litter the most effective for my 6 cats. So easy to de-clump and rarely need to entirely change. However, in the last few weeks the price of this has shot up, making it very difficult for me to afford it.
posted on 04/04/2018 by Elvis the cat
Kicks up dust! posted on 29/07/2017 by debbied
I have two rescue kittens and this clumping litter does clump but also kicks up loads of dust when they are trying to cover what they have done. They have a covered litter tray so cannot be good for their lungs. Will be trying something else next purchase.
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