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Beaphar Hairball Paste 2 in 1 100g

Beaphar Hairball Paste 2 in 1 100g

by Beaphar

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Beaphar Hairball Paste 2 in 1 can help with the painful problem of hairballs! The malt stripe works to prevent the formation of hairballs in the cats stomach and the light brown stripe contains BIO-MAS to help ensure hair flows smoothly through the cats intestine. All in all helps ensure improved digestion, a healthy immune system and a decrease of harmful bacteria. 100g
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she likes the taste of the furball paste.
This is the best
Mrs Z
very good
The paste was missing from the original parcel but once telephoned was promptly despatched.
Very good product
Janet MacIntyre
I give this to my cat because she grooms rather a lot and as an indoor cat she moults a lot, these factors make her prone to hairball, the Hairball paste really helps her to elminate this problem also she adores the taste.
my cats love it and take without any problems.and it does the job and how
The cat loves it
It's day one, the cat loves the taste, she thinks it a treat. Only time will tell if this helps the hairball problem, I'll report back soon.
My cat loves it
My cat loves it and hasnt brought a hair ball up since
great product
I have been giving this paste to my cats since their early years. It really does help tho' it may not totally eliminate the hairball coughing up. but it happens very rarely. BTW when I open the draw where I keep the paste they 2 come up running to me; they love it!
Good Product seems to work well my cat loves it
Katie D
I found this product while searching for some hairball treats I think it works quite well I tried to let him have a bit maybe every other day and my 2 year old male cat Pango really loves it He only had a hairball once since I started giving it to him so I think if I gave it to him more regularlyit would solve the problem of his hairballs As he loves it so much I also use the paste to administer a worming tablet I coat it in the paste and as Pango loves it so much he would just take it of me and swallow it very easily So the pain of trying to give him the tablet is gone Hope you can try this as well and it makes your kitty feels better

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