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Rosewood Naturals Fenugreek Crunchies 200g

Rosewood Naturals Fenugreek Crunchies 200g

by Rosewood

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Rosewood Naturals Fenugreek Crunchies 200g are tasty, healthy small animal treats made from natural ingredients.

Created as a great tasting way to provide your animal with an appealing and stimulating snack that is also full of healthy sustenance, these crunchy and aromatic snacks contain fenugreek seed which is known as a natural appetite stimulant, and, like all hard or crispy treats, they will also help to wear down growing teeth.

With Naturals treats, you can be sure your giving your small animal a fun, healthy and tasty treat.

Contents: 200g pack


This product is designed to be offered as a treat for your Small Pet, as part of a complete and balanced diet and should be offered only occasionally. Due to the fibre content, offer sparingly to Rats.

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Rabbit treat
My rabbits love these.
Again these were for my neighbour, I looked after them for a few days, these treas went down very well!
Rabbit crack
My two house rabbits took a day to get used to these and so did I, the smell is subtle but... interesting. Now they will fight to get the first one and chase each other for the crumbs. They're also healthier than a lot of commercial treats. I highly recommend trying these.
My 3 rabbits will literally climb over each other to get these.
The rabbits loved them!
Buns LOVE them!
I've heard about these treats from a bunch of different rabbit owners so decided to take the risk and buy 5 packets since PetPlanet is the cheapest I can find them. At first both my buns turned their nose up at them and I thought I'd made a huge mistake! Over a day or so they're both now OBSESSED with them! As soon as I sit on the couch they jump up thinking that means it's treat time and won't leave me alone until they get their fix. My buns are both babies so I hold onto it tight for them to bite a bit off so they can munch on bits at a time. Can always hear their teeth grinding whilst chewing which is good to know they're getting a good filing too!
Favourite treat
Prompt arrival and always well packaged so they arrive unbroken. These are an absolute favourite for our rabbit.
We love it
Mummy bought these for our treat at supper time and we all think it is so yummy and we believe it is very good for us as well. We want more.
Great cookies for the bunnies
Rabbit's love these, but don't always scoff them like they do some other treats. They are not too sugary, so I give these out with less guilt than some other treats. I love watching the rabbits take a cookie from me like a dog and carry it off in their mouths. Not all of my rabbits like these to the same extent (from snatching enthusiasm, to mediocre curiosity), but they will all eat them when no other treats are on offer.
Rabbits love Fenugreek
My 2 bunnies love Fenugreek. I never knew about this until I seen it on petplanet . It's worth the money because my 2 bunnies come running over when they can smell the Fenugreek when I open the packet . I know when they like something a lot because they 1/2 close there eyes when there munching away and want more . I would recommend this for bunnies

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Corn, feugreek seed.