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SmartCat Ultimate Cat Litter Box 62x465cm

SmartCat Ultimate Cat Litter Box 62x46.5cm

by SmartCat

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Your cat will love this SmartCat Ultimate Litter Box as it ensures your kitty has plenty of room to turn around and, most importantly, it is large enough so that your feline friend does not wind up with his or her back end hanging over the edge. Easy to pick-up and clean, this sturdy and attractive litter box will suit your cat's instinctual behaviours, and that will make you both happy.

You will love its large, oversized rim that has been designed for easy handling as well as the ramped sides for handy litter removal. It is a spacious cat litter box that is large enough so your cat can turn around, dig and stand up without feeling constrained. It has a nice smooth finish with rounded corners which are less likely to get litter stuck to them and the high sides help prevent litter kick-out.

  • Manufactured from heavy duty plastic, this litter box is strong, sturdy and durable and easy to clean
  • Replacement liners available to purchase separately.

Dimensions: L62 x W46.5 x H26cm
Height of lowered step: 11cm


Due to hygiene, we cannot accept returns on litter trays if they’ve been used, even if they are washed and look new.

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Perfect choice so far!
It might seem a little big, but I feel I made the right choice. My cat is perfectly happy to use it and although a little bit of litter escapes, the area is generally v tidy even after he's done!It's a good colour and I'm glad now that I didn't pick (a more expensive) one with a lid.
Good for larger cats
I left a litter tray out for my cat during the snowy weather and he now refuses to go outside. Unfortunately when using a standard litter tray, he would be in it but the product it should have been catching was generally outside the tray. I wasn’t sure if this litter box would be as large as it looked in the picture, but it is a really good size and nothing is likely to spill over the side. It is easy to clean. Definitely a good size for a large cat.
Very Pleased!
My 'butter wouldn't melt girl' took a few days to 'suss' it out, but now used to it and no antics of 'tail rising' with wee' going over the side. Think it has a lot to do with the shape, depth and slope of sides, also it's easier to pick-up much kinder on the hands. An invaluable purchase, very pleased. Tia the pure white cat, semi-long coated is now likening the fact of not having me 'tearing my hair out' behind her each toilet break she makes. Lol!!
Great value and excellent service.
Good value
I have three Maine Coon cats and the size of this tray is good for them. I probably will buy more when I am due to upgrade the rest of their litter trays. I would recommend them.
Excellent Service
When this item was delivered I was very disappointed to find that it was damaged. However, when I rang the service desk I received excellent service and a replacement was delivered within a couple of days. The litter tray is just what was needed to prevent 'little accidents' by my elderly cat. Thanks
Big is beautiful :)
This is a strong and sturdy litter tray. Both my cats took to the design straight away.
Was worth the risk!
Lord Loki
Always had an enclosed litter box for my old cats but when we adopted a 4 year old Norwegian Forest Cat who is the size of of an enclosed litter box we had to try an open one! It's a strange shape, very much like a baby's bath with a scoop out bit and it doesn't allow the litter to be too deep but there's no struggle to get in and out and very easy access to scoop the doings to keep them clean.
I had a problem with my cat spilling litter - and worse - until she started using this box. No more mess. And my fussy cat, who has previously refused all other litter trays, except for the silly low and small one she grew up with, has actually accepted this one. I reckon this must be because she can see through the high sides and also can get in easily at the low dip at the front. Well designed and the plastic looks indestructible. It is also very easy to clean properly because of the smooth finish.
We love this litter box I checked a lot of reviews before buying it and it does what it says on the tin My Dad thought it was so cool he went looking for one in Canada