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Rosewood Pico Hamster Cage XLarge

Rosewood Pico Hamster Cage XLarge

by Rosewood

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A must-have for the adventurous hamster or mouse! The Rosewood Extra Large Pico Hamster Cage has four exciting levels for your pet to explore! Starting at the bottom there is an extra deep base, to make your small furry feel more secure and it helps to keep the litter inside the cage too, then it is a quick scamper up to the first level to check out that very important food dish and that solid wheel definitely beckons for some furious running. A choice of two ladders leads to the next level which needs checking out in case there are more goodies to snack on and then there is a great ramp-type ladder to climb up to the next level to get a well deserved drink of water. From here there are two choices, either up to the lookout platform to survey the room or up to the loft hide to stash away treats for later on after a snooze.

It also comes with a solid wheel, food dish and glass drop in water bottle. You will love that all the accessories and parts are built in to the top, as it makes cleaning the base really easy and there is also extra ventilation in the loft hide.

  • No chewable, plastic clips
  • Suitable for Syrian and dwarf hamsters and mice from 6-8 weeks of age

Dimensions: W50 x D36 x H47cm
Bar spacing: 8.5mm

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This is a great cage, very good size, great value for money, plenty of ladders and room for exercise, would highly recommend, no issues with this at all, arrived quickly, all good quality, comes with instructions to build, much better than local pet shops.
Great size
This cage is a great size for our Syrian hamster. Originally the product arrived with a damaged plastic base but customer services were quick to send out a replacement which arrived in better packaging and was intact. Itís relatively easy to put together although a bit fiddly but seems great value and sturdy.
Excellent Value
After originally ordering this cage and it arriving damaged, the customer service team were able to arrange delivery of a replacement which arrived only two days later and were extremely helpful. The cage is ginormous! Much bigger than I thought which is definitely a good thing as my hamster seems to have grown to the size of a small guinea pig. She hasn't explored it much since putting it together but seems to want to fall asleep on one of the small platforms rather than in an actual bed, but never mind she'll explore more tonight! The cage wasn't too difficult to put together although the positioning of the doors meant one side was much easier, but my fingers are still sore from clipping it all into place! Would definitely reccommend this cage for Syrian's! Dwarves and Robbo's may get lost in it though!
Absolutely brilliant
So easy to put together my Harry is going to love his new home.
Very good but wheel is too loud so I remove it but my hamster loves it!
looks good
looks good although the piece where the wheel goes on snapped once the gerbil got in the wheel
Brilliant cage
Great cage. Easy to assemble my 7 year old daughter done it by herself. The hamster loves it. He was in a smaller cage and was getting a bit cubby. He explores all the levels and loves the little house. It's easy for the kids to get him out to without having to put your hand in the cage. I would recommend it. Great value for money.
Great Cage
Hamster Owner
Lots of levels for exploring etc. My 10 month old Syrian wasn't sure about the 'loft bed' to begin with and took all the bedding to the ground floor! Now he is happy in the loft. Excellent value and easy to put together (unlike others I have tried) Would recommend.
Ggreat. Fit for purpose
Our young Syrian hamster loves it. It seems plenty big enough for a full size hamsfer too. The wheel is easy to reach for her, and once we bribed her a trail of food she discovered the lift loft room at top and snuggled in there. The cage fits convenient on top of a small chest of drawers. The kids find it easy to clean. The hamster climbs up inside it. The doors are fiddly and take a bit of strength to open, but given the dexterity of a hamster that is all to the good. Good service from petplanet.
Great hamster home
Chose this as original cage seemed too small for a growing syrian hamster. She loves her new home! Much more room to explore and hide her food stash! Would definitely recommend.

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