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Kerbl Small Animal Containment Pen

Kerbl Small Animal Containment Pen

by Kerbl

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The Kerbl Small Animal Pen is the perfect way to let your pet get more space to run around at the same time keeping it safe.

This easy to assemble pen is made up of eight multi coloured pieces and is expandable with more Kerbl enclosures, making it very customisable.  

-          Easy to mount
-          8 pieces per 34 x 23 cm
-          Painted
-          Extendable with more enclosures

This is a great place to put your pet when you’re cleaning its cage or for times when you want to let it have more space to play or explore.

Suitable for Syrian hamsters, guinea pigs and small rabbits.

Dimensions: W34 x H23 cm
Weight: 1.6kg
Latice Spacing: 10mm

Customer Note: The accessories in the main image are for illustrative purposes only, and are not included with the pen. 




Not suitable for dwarf hamsters, gerbils or mice.

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Perfect. Delivery very quick.
Really nice
Lovely size, easy to put together, it does fall down quite easy and and my hamster climbed straight out so dont leave hamsters unattended, well worth the money tho I would definitely recommend
My hamster loves this certainly plenty of space and high enough not to climb out just wish it would close flat.
Great for a dwarf hamster
This is great for my dwarf hamster and it might be ok for a small hedgehog but anything else will probably escape, either by jumping or climbing over it or knocking it down. I bought two sets to use together to make a big indoor run. It is definitely worth what I paid for it as my hamster exercises in it every day. I do find the panels annoyingly fiddly to put together - it's a simple mechanism but getting the top and bottom aligned without one slipping out is frustrating, especially when you have 16 panels (two sets.) For this reason I tend to leave it set up most of the time but it would be something to bear in mind if you have limited space and need to tidy it away each day after using. I have decided to fasten some of the panels together permanently with cable ties so I don't have as many to fasten.
love it's looks .
rosiie may
good playpen lots of room for toys.lideal for hamsters. my only gripe is the panels easily come apart no clip to fasten them i have fastened mine with clips as i leave it up but i can soon put it down.
Keep your guard
This run has good and not so good points. My guinea pigs liked it due to the fact they could see out through the bars. But why isnít it made slightly higher? My Guineas escaped over the top so have to be watched, even when inside! The sides do not stay connected either. The panels were also different colours to the more attractive ones shown on the website.
PetPlanet Says
Sorry to hear that your guinea pigs got out of the pen. I have emailed you regarding the sides not staying connected, please remember that if an item is not working properly you can return it for a refund or replacement product.
Not hamster proof!
I recently purchased this for my Syrian hamster. It's easy to put together and great value for money, my online gripe is that my hamster can easily climb the vertical bars and escape! Which kind of defeats the purpose of me buying it so I could leave her in it whilst I clean her cage as I need to be on hand to catch her and stop her escaping! Might be more suitable for smaller breeds but I imagine most Syrians can escape from this.
Good for pet but cut my hand- UPDATE!
I made a previous comment about the sharpness of the sides of this pen. I just wanted to tell everyone that Pet Planet have responded quickly, politely and professionally to my comment and offered me a refund. What a lovely company! I'll be buying from them again - their customer service is great.
depends what animal this is for.....
I bought this play pen for my Syrian hamster... she loves to explore and in the hamster ball it seemed like she couldn't do it as much as she wanted. To protect her and still give her space to play and explore I bought this but she almost jumped over it!!! For a hamster (Syrian) this is too small but Im sure for a dwarf hamster or mice this is perfect!
Not for gerbils
Not at all suitable for gerbils, they can jump the height easily. Only way to keep them in the pen is to put a sheet of something on top as a lid.