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Halti Collar Plain

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Halti Collar Plain

Product Code: 0169
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Stop your dog from pulling uncontrollably. The Halti collar works on the same principle as a horse's headcollar; guide the head and the body will surely follow. The Halti makes walking your dog easier and safer by controlling boisterous bahaviour whilst allowing enough freedom to pant and yawn. Its strong, hard-wearing nylon is machine washable and it is approved by vets and canine experts as the kind way of controlling difficult dogs.
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Customer Ratings & Reviews
Changed our lives! posted on 28/06/2017 by Xena444
I had heard a lot of reviews, some good, some not, about the Halti. I have a young 40kg German shepherd who loves to walk us vigorously... and it was starting to wear... I developed a back pain/injury when pulled on the ice by the pooch, in November and my husband had a constant pain in his shoulder We even had dog training sessions and then we thought maybe we would just buy a halti as anything was worth a try. WELL, WHY DIDN'T WE TRY SOONER????? I ask myself. He is comfortable in it (although never loves getting it on) and we are no longer in pain. my 6 year old can even hold his lead when we walk now!! AMAZING. FIRST CLASS
great product posted on 21/03/2017 by christinewatson1
I bought a size 2 for myspringer spaniel who is a little on the small side. I ajusted it and it fit great. He walks to heel with no pulling. He does try to pull it offwhen it first goes on but soon settles . It's agreat product and I would recommend it to anyone who has a dog that pulls .
Very Effective and good value posted on 02/08/2012 by Gareth W
Ideal for walking a dog that has a tendency to pull. Our two year old Lab cross soon got used to it and now doesn't strain on the lead. Highly recommended.
This has changed my life posted on 20/06/2012 by emmasay
I am delighted with this product it fits really well I bought a size 1 and have a 12mth old staff x collie As soon as I put the halti on Rosey started to walk properly and stopped pulling I will say that she hates it and has managed to get it off a couple of times this has saved my back and I love walking Rosey now Great price too
wish id brought one sooner posted on 07/05/2012 by nicola
I have tried loads of training aids for my unruley Male Dobie and this is definately the best. He actually walks by my side without pulling - yah I did buy a size 3 first which was too big so also brought a size 2 which fits perfectly. He even sits and gives you his nose to put it on horray both enjoying our walks at the moment
Great Product posted on 20/11/2010 by Dave Johns
I have an 8 month old Border Collie who is very excitable and pulls on the lead. I have tried various training methods with some success but using rather a lot of treats to achieve moderate success. I decided to purchase a Halti, supplied very quickly by Pet Planet, am I pleased that I did. After about 3 minutes of trying to remove the Halti my dog realised that it would do her no harm and accepted it without further problem. the result was far better than I expected, she started walking without pulling, what joy after the last 3 months of almost continual pulling. I would not hesitate to recommend this product or the service received from Pet Planet.
Brilliant posted on 31/03/2010 by flutterbykim
This is amazing - our puppy who is getting stronger by the day is a real puller and we had tried all sorts to curb this. The halti worked instantly (she did take a while to get used to it) but it is fantastic, 100% INSTANT improvement in her behaviour on the lead. Highly recommended if you have problems with your dog pulling. Walks are so much more enjoyable now.
Good value posted on 06/11/2009 by richardjay31
The halti collar was as I ordered, I did telephone your company to confirm my exact requirements for my Golden Retriever and they were very helpful. Delivery was very good and I would use your company again..
A-MAZ-ING!! posted on 16/10/2009 by suziep123
After trying everything else to stop my collie/staff cross from pulling, I didn't hold out much hope for this little thing! But from the second we stepped out of the door for the first time using it, she was like a different dog! After afew minutes of stopping trying to scratch it off her head!, my now easy to walk dog, became calm and happy with it. Fantastic item if you have a strong dog who wont stop pulling!
Brilliant - everyone should use them posted on 03/08/2009 by morbius5
I bought my first Halti headcollar 11 years ago now, for my Golden Retriever who up until that time had been fine on the lead. Sadly he was attacked by two other dogs both of which were off lead and was a nightmare to take out from then on because he panicked and tried to run whenever he saw another dog. The halti was brilliant, he hated it at first and spent our first walk trying to claw it off of his face and bouncing up and down in disgust. All of my dogs have done this tho and they soon get past it once they learn to associate the halti with a walk. I now have 4 dogs and they all wear haltis and I honestly think that if I hadn't discovered haltis and how easy they make walking your dog, and multiple dogs with the halti multiple linkthat I would probably have just stuck to the one dog, believing it was impossible to safely and comfortably walk them. I've seen many dogs who have had problems with walking on a normal lead especially unneutered ones who want to run off after everything become like a different dog once they were used to walking on a halti. Although these problems were probably more to do with the owners than the dogs, I still highly recommend haltis as they make your walks much nicer for both you and the dog, who doesn't spend any time he does pull, choking himself on a normal collar. The one thing I would say is PERSEVERE because most dogs dislike the initial feeling of wearing a headcollar and do their utmost to get it off them! But if you just distract them and teach them that putting the halti on is actually a good thing cos it means a walk then they get used to it very very quickly. There are a number of headcollars available but the halti is the best I have come across, it's simple but it really works - just give your dog time to get used to it. It can be distressing to see your dog trying to remove it and hard to stand firm and keep it on, but remember the benefits far outweigh your dog's initial dislike of what is basically just a new collar.

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