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Iris 2in1 Antibacterial Cat Litter Box L52 x W375 x H4225cm

Iris 2-in-1 Antibacterial Cat Litter Box L52 x W37.5 x H42.25cm

by Iris

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This incredibly versatile Iris 2-in-1 Cat Litter Box features a pull-out tray at the bottom for tray liners, making it easier for you to change and also save on the cat litter. The extra wide entrance allows your cat to come and go freely and you can always remove the top part if your feline friend prefers an open cat litter tray.

  • Inside there is a paw cleaning grid and a handy scoop, which sits in the holder at the side
  • The door part lifts up to give you easy access and the entrance door is also removable if required
  • Antibacterial litter box
  • Handle on top for easy manoeuvrability
  • Filter and air vent
  • Pellet litter is recommended for use with this tray
Dimensions: approx. L52 x W37.5 x H42.25cm
Entrance: approx W20cm(bottom), W16cm (top)x H19.4cm
Entrance height from floor: approx. 10cm
Tray liner: 30 x 45cm

Replacement filters are available from PetPlanet on 51362


Due to hygiene, we cannot accept returns on litter trays if theyíve been used, even if they are washed and look new

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Best Litter Tray Ever
I always thought I needed a litter tray whereby the urine collected underneath rather than sat in with the litter and FINALLY I have found the perfect tray. We've had a significant decrease in ammonia smell and cost of litter. We use newspaper in the bottom tray
Great product
Great litter tray. My cat wees a lot and I've switched to wood pellet litter and this tray. Easy to clean and doesn't waste litter. And I don't get litter tracked everywhere which is another plus. I line the tray with a folded puppy pad to absorb the wee which works really well for me and my cat.
Amazing and best cat litter
This is my favourite litter box for my cats and it is very easy to clean
So good that I ordered a second one
This is a well-designed and effective box. My kitten got used to it easily even though it involved a transition to wood pellet litter which he had never used before. There is absolutely no wastage of litter because of the clever way it becomes sawdust which lands in the tray below, which I line with a litter-tray liner for ease of cleaning. The liners are inexpensive. Before getting this box I thought the cheapest cat toilet for an indoor cat is to use budget litter in a basic box, so I was slightly reluctant to fork out for this product. I have never had a cat before this one so felt cautious about falling victim to any gimmicky purchases. However, I read the positive reviews on this site and now I see it was a good investment as Iíve probably already, within a few months, saved quite abit of money buying cat litter which more than covers the price difference between this and cheaper boxes. There is never any sawdust or mess around the box and I love it so much that I have bought another one for upstairs to replace his old one. As one reviewer stated, they tray below could do with being a little deeper but itís by no means a dealbreaker to me and Iím very glad I discovered it on here and would highly recommend it.
Great product
This does exactly what it says on the tin! Fantastic litter box really wish we had bought it sooner. No more sawdust paw print trails from the litter and we are saving a packet on the litter as we are not using as much. We love it and so do our fur babies.
Pretty good tray, best one yet
My cat thinks itís ok to go into a tray and stand and fire out her business without squatting or digging. So I am always looking for a leak proof tray as she wees half way up the back of the tray. I was initially impressed with this tray as it didnít leak at first and the puppy pad thatís always underneath was ok. However after my cat gave the tray a particularly large dousing of wee, it did leak a bit where the lid sits on the tray back. I like the pull out tray underneath - I just replace the puppy pad and it stops the tray smelling of cat wee after just one use. I havenít found the right litter to go with it yet but Iím fairly happy with it. Itís easier to clean than the last trays. There is one thing about the door that iím not convinced about - it hangs quite loose so doesnít help smell situations. Overall a bit better than your standard litter tray.
Could be better
This cat toilet is quite good in separating the cat pee from the other solids. its only failings to me are 1. it is a little too small could really do with being 4 inches longer. 2. The bottom tray is too shallow. Could do with being 1.5-2 inches deeper. Other than that this is a pretty good item. Just takes a little while to get used to emptying.
Great cat litter tray!
It is amazing, good quality, easy to clean, nice and well design. I have 3 cats: one of them loves it as much as me, second one doesn't mind using it since I removed the flap and my third cat does not want to go inside yet but he is very shy and scared of anything new. Quick and efficient delivery, Im very happy that I found it.
BEST litter tray EVER!!!
I have had cats all my life and am used to them going outside to the toilet. When I decided to adopt a new cat I knew I'd have to keep him in to begin with and dreaded the idea of having a litter tray in the house again. BUT, after a lot of searching I found this one and it is the best thing ever! Works best with wood pellet litter because it turns to dust and falls into the tray beneath keeping the litter on top dry. Litter has never lasted so long and doesn't smell at all! Highly recommended!
I did a lot of research before I decided to buy this litter box for our new 7 week old kitten. I have not been disappointed at all. The kitten took to it straight away. I have temporarily removed the flap until he's a bit older. After he does a wee-wee, the wooden pellets turn into sawdust which filters down into the tray underneath. I was sceptical that it would work BUT IT DOES. Yay! It is so easy to clean by emptying the slide out tray into the waste bin. The front third of the lid also lifts up which makes it easy to access for cleaning out and refilling. I would recommend this cat litter box without hesitation. Thank you. X