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Purrshire Rattan Effect Cat Litter Pan Brown W42 x D57 x H45cm

Purrshire Rattan Effect Cat Litter Pan - Brown W42 x D57 x H45cm

by Purrshire

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Add a touch of country style to your cat’s life with this Purrshire Rattan Effect Cat Litter Pan, which has all the look of rattan, but all the practicality of synthetic materials.


This great looking tray is constructed from easy care polypropylene, and is totally enclosed to provide your feline friend privacy as they go about their business. There is a black entry door, to give your feline friend privacy when it is in residence, and a handle on the roof to help lift the top from the base when it is time to clean it out.

  • Black entry door
  • Top section lifts off.
  • Handle on top section.
  • Stylish rattan design.
  • Easy clean.
  • Door flap.
  • For indoor or covered outdoor use.


This tray comes with a bottom section which houses the litter, and once the 2 side clips are activated and the top is lifted off, cleaning this is simplicity itself. There is also a neat design feature in front of the door, in the way of a handy grate that will catch any litter that is tracked out of the box on your cat’s feet.

Colour: Brown

Dimensions: W42 x D57 x H45cm

Customer Note: Due to hygiene, we cannot accept returns on litter trays if they’ve been used, even if they are washed and look new.

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Great value
Great buy, got this in a sale. Wouldnít hesitate to buy another like this. Although itís a larger litter tray, the pull out tray makes it easy to clean and maintain. the sides also unclips too so that the top separates from the bottom.
Product reviewed: White
Iíve got 2 old cats and this is the best litter tray Iíve ever had. Minimal mess + very good value.
Product reviewed: Brown
This litter tray is brilliant; so easy to clean out, and amazing price worth every penny. Love the built in scoop and bags too.
Product reviewed: Brown
Wonderful product.
I can highly recommend this litter tray. It's extremely well designed and excellent quality. Easy to keep clean,as you can slide the tray fully out,negating the need to remove the lid.The scoop and bags are easy to reach and keep everything neatly tucked away out of sight.This is a classy looking litter tray and is very solid.Buy one,you won't regret it!
Product reviewed: White
You have GOT to get this!
Suki's Mum
I purchased this litter pan to replace another that I simply could not keep clean enough for my very fussy feline fur ball. If you have ever found a pile of poop in front of your litterbox, instead of in it, it is simply their way of showing disgust with what you have provided, even though I thought I thought I had bought the best. So, I bought this one, and also changed the litter from a very expensive organic eco friendly kernel clumping litter, to the breeder celect recycled paper pellet litter. I did this after much research, because my house always stank of cat pee, and with all the warm weather we have had, something had to give. I couldn't be happier! The new litter does not clump, but it's ok! It doesn't need to! The genius is the litter pan itself. The inside of the pan slopes, which causes the urine to flow towards the front. The paper pellets soak up the urine, and there is zero odor AND it leaves zero manky mess to clean up like you get with clumping litter! The faeces, sits on top of the pellets at the far end where cats like to poop, then dries up, and you can scoop it out saving on litter and flush down the loo because nothing is attached to it (seriously, could it get any better?). There is a small tray at the front of the pan which your cat has to step up onto to exit, and this removes any pellets from their paws (no more mess on my floors either!) Also, the side catches which release the top from the tray is so well designed and so simple, I can do this one handed blind-folded - and yes I have tried! The two changes have made my home smell of everything human again, instead of poop and pee. I'm happy, my house cat is happy and so are my guests. Well done!
Product reviewed: Brown
Fantastic, would buy them again from petplanet
Easy assemble. Less spillage as the bottom is a drawer that slides out to empty. Open the door on the top & it houses a filter plus a removable roll of rose scented poop bags & a pop up lift out spade to scoop debris out with. Nearly half the price of the ones on ebay/ amazon.
Product reviewed: Brown
Best litter tray
I got 2 of these for my Rex kits and they are great. It keeps the smells in, is easy to clean with the pull out tray and looks great too.
Product reviewed: Brown
These trays are fantastic and are bigger than the usual trays. My cats absolutely love them. I have spent a fortune on different trays and my cats would not use them. They thankfully use these all the time. I would highly recommend!
Product reviewed: White
Excellent..2 cats very happy
This is a great litter tray looks really nice and makes life so much easier with the pull out tray it !! And a big shout out to PetPlanet for their customer service !!
Product reviewed: White
Litter tray
I bought this a few months ago. It is a very sturdy item and the cat used it straight away with no issues from the door. It keeps any smells inside and is very easy to clean. It is a large tray and takes quite a bit of litter. The scoop and poop bags are a nice added touch making things accessible.
Product reviewed: Brown