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Orijen Adult 7kg

Orijen Adult 7kg

Product Code: 50709
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Unfortunately, this item has been discontinued.



Click here to view Orijen Whole Prey Adult Dog 6.8kg

Orijen is a BARK (Biologically Appropriate Real-Food Kibble) diet, made from fresh meats from Canadas prairie farms. High protein, low carbohydrate and grain-free, Orijen replicates the rich balance of meats, fruits, vegetables and grasses that dogs would encounter in a wilderness setting. Made with the highest inclusions of fresh chicken, turkey, whole eggs and wild-caught fish, Orijen is literally bursting with protein-packed meats (min 80%) that form a Biologically Appropriate diet, with none of the grains and carbohydrates that are inappropriate for your dog, replaced by a full compliment of regional fruits and vegetables including sweet and russet potatoes, blackcurrants and sunflower from prairie farms, apples and cranberries from interior orchards, and sea vegetables harvested from the Pacific tidal range. Wild-caught lake whitefish and Chinook salmon provide a rich source of fresh, unrendered Omega 3 essential fatty acids (inc DHA and EPA) to nutritionally support the immune system and a vibrant skin coat, while the included botanicals, psyllium, chicory, dandelion and peppermint leaf, help to bridge the gap between good nutrition and peak health, assisting in the nourishment and toning of the digestive tract, strengthening of the liver and the control of insulin levels. And, because of its high-quality protein content, your dog doesnít need to eat as much kibble as he does with other dry foods, meaning a single bag lasts much longer, e.g. a 30 kilo dog with a normally active lifestyle requires only 275g of Orijen kibble per day.

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Customer Ratings & Reviews
Best food you can feed your dog posted on 28/12/2012 by ellenwatkins
If you want to feed your dog the best food possible then this food is the one Our beagle was on another make of food which has a much higher amount of grain and her stools were always very loose practically impossible to pick up so we researched what is a better dog food and Orijen was the obvious chioce Our beagle loves this food and she is now in prime condition great body shape lovely glossy coat loads of energy and firm stools I would not feed her any thing else
Great value posted on 28/08/2011 by Spigott
My dogs love it
My boys loved it posted on 17/08/2011 by Angi B
My two labradors are usually fed on the raw meat Barf diethowever when we go on holiday with our caravan it is more convenient to feed orijenthough it is processed the ingredients are so much better than ANY other dried food even the most expensive ones and the best test is my boys and they loved itThere was only one downside and that was the wind normally their diet means they are wind freeVery pleased with this product and would certainly recommend it
Fabulous posted on 18/05/2011 by heather109
Our Leonberger puppy has been on this since we got her at 8 weeks old She absolutely loves it Full of nutrition not rubbish It is not that much more expensive than other leading brands but so much better for your your best friend Would not feed her anything else
smelly but great posted on 11/10/2010 by DeeNJai
Jai loved this food straight away. He cant have any cerals in his diet as it makes his skin very itchy. As you dont need to feed as much so it saves money. a 7.5 kg bad will last Jai just over 20days which is good as Jai is a large German Shepherd/
Best dog food ever posted on 21/09/2010 by
I've recently moved my staffie onto this food, due to food intolerance (can't tolerate wet food). I have struggled to get her to eat dried biscuits on there own, but she demolishes this food with relish! whilst it is expensive, you don't need to feed so much, so I can't see it will cost me any more. I no longer need to buy extra fish or chicken to mask dried food and this is simply the best food I have come across!
An excellent feed posted on 03/08/2010 by Rob
I have tried several premium dog foods and this is by far the best. It is the only one that my fussy Golden will consistently eat. A bit pricey but IMHO it is the best. Very prompt delivery service by PetPlanet
Kibble is great size for small dogs - My Cav and Shorkie love it. posted on 07/06/2010 by lilley
I have two small dogs a cav and a shorkie and have been experimenting with several different brand name kibbles over the last two years. I have been feeding them on this for 6 months now and they love it. They are in good health and the kibble is perfect for small dogs. I do give them a small amount of fresh chicken as and extra treat a couple of times a week, as I try not to feed my dogs a dry only diet. But they seem to have settled really well on orijen. With no upset stomachs. It is a bit on the expensive side but you do not have to feed them as much as it is very filling, so this balances things out in the long run.
Great for allergy prone mutts posted on 24/05/2010 by scruffywuff
Great quality, eaten very readily by a dog with high level sensitivity to many other dry products. Supplied very promptly. This would be a particularly good food for picky/sensitive prone dogs. It may be expensive but it's quality and anything that saves on vets bills for skin/digestive problems. The chicken is great and I may try the fish as well next time. (For info the comment below re Orijen cat food problems in Australia were believed to be down to the Australian government insisting on high level irradiation of this Canadian product at point of import, and due to these problems Orijen actually stopped selling the product in Australia so this isn't related to UK sold dog food.)
Lilly the airedale loves this! posted on 24/02/2010 by lindsay8
Finally I've found something my girl will eat. She has pancreatitis and we have to watch the types of fat/contents in food. After a recent bout of pancteatitis I put her straight onto Orijen with no ill effects at all. She seems very contented with it, has stopped scratching - as airedales are proned to do - and her coat looks stunning and glossy. Her tum is now very settled and she is not as windy as she used to be ! Yes the food is expensive, but she doesn't need as much as other foods and she eats every last bit. It is definitely going to stop trips to the vets with upset tummy and itchy, sore skin, which is very distressing for her, but also very expensive for us. This is one product where you 'get what you pay for!' It's brilliant!
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