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Orijen Cat Kitten 7kg

This product can be found in: Cat Food: All | Kitten Food | Orijen Cat

Orijen Cat & Kitten 7kg

Product Code: 50727
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Unfortunately, this item has been discontinued.


Orijen is a BARK (Biologically Appropriate Real-Food Kibble) diet, made with the highest inclusions of fresh, grain-fed chicken and turkey, fresh whole eggs and wild-caught fish, and is literally bursting with the protein-packed meats (minimum 80%) that form a Biologically Appropriate diet with none of the grains or carbohydrates that are inappropriate for your cat. Instead of grain, Orijen contains a full compliment of regional fruits and vegetables including sweet and russet potatoes, blackcurrants and sunflower from Canadas prairie farms, apples and cranberries from interior orchards, and sea vegetables harvested from the pacific tidal range. Wild-caught lake whitefish and Chinook salmon provide a rich source of fresh, unrendered Omega-3 essential fatty acids (including DHA and EPA) to nutritionally support the immune system and a vibrant skin and hair coat. Helping to bridge the gap between good nutrition and peak health, Orijen botanicals include psyllium, chicory, dandelion and peppermint leaf, all of which replicate the natural diet, helping to nourish and tone the digestive tract, strengthen the liver and control insulin levels. Orijen is a natural and delicious way to ensure the health and vitality of your cat or kitten, no matter what her breed or life stage. And, because of its high-quality protein content, your cat doesn’t need to eat as much kibble as she does with other dry foods, meaning a single bag lasts much longer, e.g. a 3 kilo cat with a normally active lifestyle requires only 45g of Orijen kibble per day.

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Customer Ratings & Reviews
Expensive but well worth it posted on 04/10/2011 by home45
I looked up Orijen on line and was impressed with the ingredientsno cerealsBoth my cats love it and their energy levels have increasedMy neighbours cats also visit for a helping now and again
Would highly recommend posted on 03/03/2011 by melanie
An excellent product which my 7 month old kitten cannot get enough of. Although he always has a good appetite not a single scrap of this food is ever left whereas he would not always finish his bowl of food in one sitting with other brands. I can also be confident that my kitten is being fed a high quality product which is grain free. Definitely worth every penny.
Great Food, Great Value posted on 07/02/2011 by LouB
As you need less food due to its high quality ingredients, it is really cost effective. The small sized pieces means storing it in a food bag is easy.My cats love it too and I know they are getting the best possible diet.
Great food great price posted on 04/02/2011 by Linda
I bought this for my two 9 month old kittens and I have to say they absolutely loved it -as soon as they smelt the food they got really excited and finished in no time. I have also bought the other fish flavour which they also love so I now alternate them. Ordering was simple and the product arrived within a week!
Happy Cats! posted on 01/04/2010 by AnimalMadLou
I have 3 cats and have never managed to find a food they all liked until now! Fabulous ingredients means the younger cat now no longer suffers from colitis. So pleased I discovered it.
my cats love it posted on 17/10/2009 by
I wanted to find something a little different for my cats, they have all the different varieties of the James well beloved which they really love but i thought maybe gets a bit boring. I had a search online and this one came up, apparently voted the best dry food for cats. Although it had a little question mark about being exported to Australia which i had to make sure it was not the same for here and it is not. So i purchased a small bag for them to try and they absolutely love it, especially the little exotic one always seems to be having a little snack. So i purchased a large bag of the original one because my cats arent too keen on fish, by the way it is going down i would highly recommend this one.
Top Quality Cat Food posted on 21/08/2009 by
I have two very fussy cats, so have had to experiment with lots of different food to find one they both liked. I was keen to give them the best quality dry food I could find on the market, and found Orijen about a year ago. Luckily they both love this food. I was interested to read that Orijen has been awarded "Pet Food of the Year for 2009-2010" by the Glycemic Research Institute. I highly recommend this food to anyone who wants to give their cats top quality food.
my kitty loves it posted on 30/10/2009 by b1kinibabe
my 4 year old snowshoe is v fussy eater and originally was on wet food but vet told me she should go back on dry food so i'd bought her some organi pet cat food but she would not touch it. I thought i'll try her on the trial pack of orijen cat food and she loved it. in fact she can't get enough of it and i have to ration it as she's supposed to be on a diet.
cats not kean posted on 31/01/2012 by Lin
I tried my two Siamese cats on this as a friend kept saying it was realy good for cats no grain ect My cats would not eat it Its back to Pro Plan for me
I like it posted on 22/01/2012 by lisa jordan
I like this product not sure about the cats some like and some dont its been tried on 12 cats I bought because of the goood quality ingredients The litter trays are good solid stools no runny poo like other brands It lasted quite a while cats dont seem to eat that much However it costs a lot more on this site than another leading site although they are constantly sold out probably due to the lower price The goods were delivered next day although this cost 299 extra but a good facility if you have run out and need it quickly I will buy again although could be a bit cheaper
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