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Naturals Meadow Hay Cookies 1kg

Naturals Meadow Hay Cookies 1kg

Product Code: 8849
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Unfortunately, this item has been discontinued.
No more bulky hay bales to worry about! Naturals Meadow Hay Cookies offer a cleaner and more convenient way to feed hay to your small animal by weight. This is a high quality, palatable hay that is rich in fibre and will help to maintain healthy digestion and teeth.

Feeding good quality hay to rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and degus is important in helping to keep them happy and healthy. Each roll of hay, or cookie, is condensed and stops hay scattering which keeps your petís environment cleaner and it is also easier for you to monitor exactly how much your small animal is consuming.

1kg Pack of Cookies

Customer Ratings & Reviews
My Guinea Pigs love them posted on 14/08/2014 by clairewilliam5
I give these to my Guinea Pigs and my two rabbits and they love them They are compacted hay so take a while for them to be eaten and good for their teeth I would recommend and will purchase again
My rabbits love these posted on 28/12/2013 by RosL
Whatever other hay might be on offer and there is usually a lot I can always be sure they will eat their Rosewood Hay Cookies They adore them I always keep some here in case of not being able to find other hays they like They are very picky which is a good indication of what good quality the hay is in these cookies
Degus 0 rabbit 1kg posted on 21/12/2013 by Ferdinand
Unfortunately my three year old degus totally ignored their Meadow Hay Cookie even though eventualy I ruffled it up a bit for them However having given up on the ungrateful little furry creatures I gave the Cookies to a friend with a rabbit She reports that the said bunny cant get enough of them and polishes them off in no time at allThe degus obviously dont know what they are missing
Our guinea pigs love this posted on 18/09/2013 by Guinea pig mum
Fantastic product which our guinea pigs love. I break them up into 3 pieces to make it easier for them and put them into a hay ball feeder They smell fantastic freshly cut meadow hay just like summer
The Guineas loved it posted on 01/08/2012 by silviagreen
Have been using these cookies for about three years and our male Peruvian guinea pig Harry thinks they are fabulous The younger Guinea Snowbie cant get enough of the cookies She usually has both hands placed upon the top of the cookie and pulls with her teeth to take individual strands of hay to consume with much joy This type of food is one of the best things any Guinea would simply love
Good but still use normal hay posted on 31/05/2012 by Sarah
These are a good treat for guinea pigs as well as a way to get them eating hay in a diffrent form However I wouldnt replace hay with these cookies because they love to play and sleep in hay as well as eating the long pieces which arent in this compressed hay products
A favourite with our mini lop posted on 02/02/2012 by Katie Carr
My daughters mini lop has tried a variety of different and exciting hay products as we try to give her a selection of flavours and formats This is definitely one of the best weve tried it seems to stay really fresh and fragrant and she has to put some effort into demolishing the very compact cookie so her teeth get a proper workout It certainly makes less mess than the loose hay although she still seems to spread it around and I notice shes started swinging and throwing the cookies once they start to come apart a great toy too
Yummy posted on 22/01/2012 by Filthy Assistant
My piggies Burke and Hare adore these and they last about 23 days in the cage Its densely packed so it gives them something entertaining to rip apart with thier teeth and fight over Ill buy these again and again
Use again and again posted on 20/08/2011 by beckiadcock
My guinea pigs love these as a foodstuff and a toy. My rabbits eat them too quickly to make them value for money but this is the best price around for this product which my guineas choose over the hay in their hay rack.
Great treat for guinea pigs posted on 16/03/2011 by Isabel K
My guineas really liked these, I broke them up into smaller chunks and placed them in a hanging manger. They also liked them loose in their cage, the cookies are very densely packed and the pigs used them as an edible chew toy.
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