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Applaws Cat Food In Broth 24x156g

Applaws Cat Food In Broth - 24x156g

by Applaws

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Applaws Cat Food in Broth are 100% natural, complementary foods for adult cats containing nothing more than the ingredients listed. Applaws only sources its ingredients from natural and sustainable sources.

The chicken used in the recipes are free range and provide your cat with a wonderful source of nutrients, while the fish are caught using dolphin-friendly, sustainable methods, provide your cat with a wonderful, rich source of nutrients including essential amino acids and fatty acids such as Omega 3 and Omega 6. These are low carbohydrate recipes for your feline friend, that are packed with succulent ingredients, that are delicious and nutritious.

Contents: 24 x 156g cans

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Cats like this and so do I
Our cats like this and one tin of these size is just right for one meal for two cats. I like the fact that this is a tin and therefore recyclable unlike pouches which are not. I hate the idea that we keep pets and then feed them food in a package that will never break down and most likely will end up pollution the environment.
Kitty loves it.
I just acquired a cat who was given cheap food before. I tried several Applaws flavours and found she favours the chicken. It was nice to be able to get all the same flavor in a 24 can box. So many boxed can have several flavours which causes waste.
Best cat food period
Feeding good food to your animal is just as important as feeding yourself well This is the best food I found for the best price and I will never change to something else My cat would be very unhappy
The best cat food available
Applaws tinned wet cat food is the best product around My two cats couldnt be more different one rescued short haired moggie and a long haired purebreed kitten and they both love Applaws The older cat after just a couple of weeks had become healthier shinier happier and better behaved which I put down to the food My vet confirms these are two of the healthiest happiest cats shes seen and I wouldnt feed them anything else They argued at first but x28Im not kiddingx29 actually seemed to bond over mealtimes and cuddled up after for a foodnap Highly recomended you can see the quality of the product by the chunks in the tins And when bought in bulk it really isnt all that much more expensive than other brands and its a no brainer when you compare the quality Try it your cats will love you forever
A great choice
Annie 142
My elderly cat has been treated for a food allergy and I have tried several specialist products most of which he wont eat. However seeing that Applaws has natural ingredients I decided to try it. He absolutely loves it and is no longer biting and scratching himself. It is Applaws for him from now on.
My cats love it
My cat developed pancreatitisApplaws Chicken and Pumpkin and plain chicken were the only foods he could eat without being sick He was very poorly but is now recovering well thanks to Applaws Now neither of my cats will eat anything else

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Chicken Breast: Chicken Breast 75%, Chicken Broth 24%, Rice 1%
Chicken and Cheese: Chicken Breast 70%, Cheese 5%, Rice 1%, Cooking water 24%
Chicken and Pumkin: Chicken Breast 50%, Chicken Broth 25%, Pumpkin 24%, Rice 1%

Tuna Fillet: Tuna fillet 75%, Rice 6%, Fish broth 19%
Tuna and Cheese: Tuna fillet 70%, Cheese 6%, Rice 1%, Fish broth 23%
Tuna and Prawn: Tuna fillet 52%, Prawn 23%, Rice 1%, Fish broth 24%
Ocean Fish: Mackerel flake 45%, Tuna fillet 30%, Rice 1%, Fish broth 24%
Tuna and Seaweed: Tuna fillet 70%, Fish broth 24%, Seaweed 5%, Rice 1%