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Applaws Dry Kitten Food Chicken 2kg

Applaws Dry Kitten Food - Chicken 2kg

Product Code: 50122
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The new Applaws Dry Kitten Food is a unique feline diet for cats that actually simulates the natural diet of a cat in the wild but in a dry form. Developed with veterinarians, based on the natural diet of the North African wildcat, Applaws Dry is high in natural animal proteins with no cereals and without the high level of carbohydrates and cereals found in most other dry pet foods. This naturally hypoallergenic food also contains natural antioxidants including Vitamin E and Rosemary Oil. The triangular-shaped kibble encourages kittens to chew and also contains natural Selenium, Natural Tocopherol, Natural Bioflavonoids and Cranberry extracts which help fight cellular ageing, maintain healthy skin, shiny coat and support the immune system. The natural prebiotics feed friendly intestinal bacteria to help maintain a healthy digestive system. Also helps prevent furballs. This kitten food is also recommended for pregnant or nursing queens. Applaws Dry can be fed in conjunction with Applaws wet food. 4g with a re-sealable spout.

Customer Ratings & Reviews
Loved it posted on 10/04/2017 by Alexandra
Product Reviewed: 2kg
My Bengal kittens loves this food, granules are quite small - right size for kittens- and I guess very tasty as dissapearing strait away. Bengals are very fussy on food they eat and this one definitely the best.
posted on 25/02/2017 by sigapol
Product Reviewed: 2kg
My kitten loved it posted on 31/03/2014 by Karolina
Product Reviewed: 7.5kg
My cat Lady absolutely loved this food Contains 80 meat which gave her a very shiny and soft coat The only problem with this food is that it has a quite strong odour Overall its a great product I am glad my kitten was on this up to being 11 months old because I know she had a healthy start in her life I would highly recommend Applaws kitten food
Kittens like it posted on 22/09/2011 by emilyberckley
Product Reviewed: 400g
Smells meaty and is small enough for little mouths My kittens seem to like it the bowl is clean by the end of the day
Ideal for a very ill cat posted on 19/09/2011 by hillibee
Product Reviewed: 400g
Upon Vets advice trying all manner of foods to tempt help our poor 12 year old tabby cope with cancer treatments The tiny energy rich kibbles have saved her from virtual starvation during recent Chemo when she totally stopped eating for 4 days She loves these as she has good kidney function her Vet was happy for us to try this Glad we did it got her going again although still very thin shes been given a better remaining quality of life thanks to the wonderful Applaws range
my cats love it posted on 03/01/2011 by mcw
Product Reviewed: 7.5kg
I mixed this in with my previous kitten food and it took a while for my kittens to get used to it but now they absolutely love it. In fact they will choose this over cat treats. It has a moist feel to it which doesn't dry out when left in the bowl. Similarly having the bag open for weeks doesn't seem to matter. I feed this exclusively to two kittens (now approaching one year old) and a bag lasts about 7-8 weeks. I will have no hesitation in switching to the adult formula soon.
A good product. posted on 25/11/2009 by sidney-osborne
Product Reviewed: 400g
My cat seemed to like this product, and couldn't get enough of it!
Great for kitten's sensitive tummy posted on 31/08/2009 by jenn.hunt07
Product Reviewed: 2kg
Our 3 month old kitten was getting stomach upsets from her previous food because of the high grain contents in most dry foods. We did some research and tried this one, as it has no wheat and 80% chicken. It's done wonders! Our kitten has had no stomach or bowel problems since trying it, and she seems to love the taste. We've also found that she eats a lot less food, and less frequently, with Applaws, probably because it is so nutritious she gets full faster. The food seems to have made her fur shinier, too. All in all, an excellent dry kitten food.
My kitten loved it posted on 04/08/2009 by Kayleigh
Product Reviewed: 400g
I bought Applaws for its high meat percentage after reealising what I used to feed my kitten had only 4%. He loved it nearly diving into the bowl while I tried to fill it.
Great stuff posted on 02/06/2009 by Murphy'sMum
Product Reviewed: 400g
One of my cats will only eat Royal Canin kitten so I was amazed when he tucked eagerly into this. The other cat wasn't so fussed.
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