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Royal Canin Pure Feline No2 Slimness 15kg

Royal Canin Pure Feline No2 Slimness 1.5kg

Product Code: 50647
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Royal Canin Pure Feline No2 Slimness is a complete adult cat food for maintaining ideal weight, enriched with wheat, apple and psyllium active components, and rich in chicken. Wheat bran is rich in insoluble fibres and wheat bran which helps regulate intestinal transit. Apple pectin helps reduce appetite, plus has an active effect on intestinal transit, while psyllium seeds and husk are rich in mucilage which absorbs water, helping to satisfy your cat's hunger.

Royal Canin has recently made several packaging changes which result in the Russian language being seen on some pet food bags.  We would like to reassure all of our customers and consumers that the product has in no way changed and that the packaging still complies with regulations applicable to all product sold in the UK & Ireland.   

Customer Ratings & Reviews
Excellent service posted on 03/06/2017 by mlmarylawson
I ordered some diet cat food from pet planet because the order I had placed with Amazon for the same item had not arrived after 10 days ( it was coming from a company in Shropshire rather than directly from Amazon) The parcel arrived less than 24 hours after I placed the order and although I did choose express delivery and paid the extra,as the biscuits were on special offer the total cost was still less than my original purchase through Amazon. So, thank you very much for such a brilliant service - I should have known better and come to you in the first place! I certainly will next time ?
A hit with my cat posted on 14/02/2017 by Cara Long
These biscuits must be really tasty, my cat can't get enough and keeps begging for more (which rather defeats the object of staying slim!). The different shapes are good, not too small so they can't be swallowed whole and have to be crunched.
Great value posted on 01/01/2017 by nphootsmon4
Thanks PetPlanet. Great value for the money, quick delivery time too.
Fussy Eaters Satisfied posted on 25/09/2014 by bumbles911
My two fussy eaters are not overweight but absolutely love these biscuits Petplanet sell them cheaper than I have found elsewhere Simple and easy to order and delivery is always quick
Popular With All posted on 11/10/2011 by darlingrupert
We bought this for our oldest cat who has always tended towards chubbiness and gets more so as he gets older and less active This and Royal Canin Light are the only 2 light foods he really likes And our other 3 cats are very happy to eat it as well
A VERY TASTY DAILY FOOD! posted on 01/06/2010 by pinkkitty26
Or so our two wee ones say!! Since having our two cats nearly two years ago, we have tried a variety of foods as one of ours was diagnosed as having a sensitive tummy and we were prescribed the hills Z science formula. He continued to be sick with even that food. And I felt sorry for his sister as she had to have the same food too as feeding two cats at the same time different foods is a nightmare, especially when they have always eaten together. When I bought a trial packet of this and the Beauty/Duck packet they loved it. And not only do they devour their bowls and sit meowing for more! Murphy has not been as sick on this brand. So were sticking with it for now as I am happy they are both eating, highly nutritious and good quality food. Plus their coats are so lovely and glossy. I can highly recommend this product if you are looking for a change!
The pick of the bunch!! posted on 02/01/2010 by
My cat has tried many products over the past 11 years. This has proved to be her favourite, and the one she always selects first. The other Royal Canin product which has also proved to be the number one choice is: the Instinctive and Oral Mature range of pouches.
She loves it posted on 10/07/2009 by vivdev
Unlike some cat foods designed for weight control this food actually fills her up. She seems to enjoy the flavour and doesn't look for more after she has eaten. She is slowly coming back into shape.
THE low fat cat food! posted on 26/06/2009 by
My indoor cats are a bit on the chubby side as they get older and less active - this is the only 'diet' cat food that they will entertain. They absolutely love it and hopefully their bellies will shrink accordingly!
Great value and great offers! posted on 20/06/2009 by Kitti
I have one cat of my own and feed 4 other stray cats. I have noticed that since feeding them with Royal Canin Pure Feline dry foot products, their coats are in such great condition! They eat well, drink well afterwards and are such happy kittys! There is so much selection in Royal Canin products and would highly recommend them to anyone who loves their animals. Your animals will love it, you will not waste your money and the animal benefits 100%.
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