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Cat Mate Microchip Cat flap

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Cat Mate Microchip Cat flap

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Tired of the neighbourhood bully cat coming into your home, stealing your kittyís delicious food and stressing out your cats? With the Cat Mate Microchip Cat Flap only your cat will be able to come into the house. With accessed keyed to your catís unique implanted identification microchip, your cat can relax in peace in the house, while you can relax knowing that your cat come and go as it pleases without bringing friends home.

  • Linked to your catís unique implanted identification microchip
  • Programmable for up to 30 cats
  • Large entrance opening space
  • Battery operated
  • Draft-proof and weatherproof

Cat Flaps are essential when it comes to allowing your cat to explore and get exercise, but many people are worried about letting in stray or neighbourhood cats, as well as creating a draft and drain on their homeís insulation. The Cat Mate Microchip Cat Flap takes care of both of these problems by firstly only allowing you cat to go through the flap and secondly sealing shut with a brush sealed flap that is both draft-proof and weather-proof.

By opening only to your cats implanted identification microchip your home will be free from uninvited guests. If your cat does not have an implanted microchip, you can attach the chip to its collar (sold separately).

The Cat Mate Microchip Cat Flap is easy to program and will allow up to 30 cats to come and go as they please. The flap itself has a four-way lock that ensures that it cannot be forced open by bully cats. The flap is operated by four AA batteries which should last approx. 12 months (not included). An LED light will flash repeatedly when the batteries are running low.

Designed to allow maximum entrance space, Cat Mate Microchip Cat Flap is a stress-free and easy way for your cats to come and go. The large opening features a transparent flap so that you cat can clearly see where it is going, and is made from strong and durable polymer. The Cat Mate Microchip Cat Flap is self-lining with an 85mm lining, which is enough for most doors. For walls and glass panels, an adapter kit will be needed (sold separately). For walls thicker than 85mm additional wall liners of 50mm will be needed to create a safe and comfortable cat tunnel (also sold separately).

The Cat Mate Microchip Cat Flap is lockable. You can also turn it to one way only, keeping your kitty inside once it has come in or vice versa.

  • Opening size: W144 x H150mm
  • Cut out size: W173 x H198mm
  • Tunnel size: Self lining to 85mm
  • Overal Dimensions: W19 x H24cm

With the Cat Mate Microchip Cat Flap your cat can relax in comfort at home as well as come and go as it pleases.

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Customer Ratings & Reviews
posted on 24/04/2017 by catswestwingnut
This is my second Cat Mate microchip catflap. The first recently seemed to be malfunctioning and I was concerned about intruders emptying their dishes at night or having two nervous pets on my hands, so I ordered No 2. Before it even arrived I realised I'd let the batteries expire - but only after doing a factory reset, cleaning everything thoroughly and finally reprogramming it. Once I replaced the batteries, however, everything worked fine - and now I have a spare! If this is your first microchip flap, just calmly read the instructions (twice) and follow them to the letter. You (and your cat) will never fear an intruder again!! Everyone feels secure again - go, Cat Mate!!!
My cat loves it! posted on 19/04/2017 by jenyou99
I bought this microchip cat-flap to replace our previous Cat Mate cat flap, which worked with the cat's ID tag. Our cat always found it rather difficult and finally could only use it if it was on 'Training' mode, meaning any cat could (and did) come in. She is not a young cat but it took her only a few days to learn how to go out of the new one, and another ten days to learn how to come in. The new one was also much easier to install and program than the old one. I am very happy with this purchase and thought it was excellent value.
Just what I wanted posted on 18/04/2017 by john27up
Looking for a flap for my cat, went to the big stores, then went on line. Saved money on same product, SORTED!
Cat Flap posted on 27/03/2017 by Peter Tucker
good product easy to fit quite straight forward. Thank you.
works as described posted on 14/03/2017 by jwinter
Having never fitted a catflap in a UPVC door before, I was nervous about fitting this. I amanaged to fit it but it was stressfull (due to not being the best at DIY and several blades bending on me). Also, it doesn't fit too well on a door which has raised decorations but would fit flush on a plain door. It did however fit and with some sealant it is in place. It programs quickly and easily and recognises our cats microchip quickly......we just wish our cat would pick up how to use it! We are a 2 weeks in and still no joy! Good product though with training mode and locked and microchip mode. Requires 4 AA batteries.
Saved my sanity posted on 23/02/2017 by Andy
Our neighbours cats would come in through the old (Manual) cat flap & eat our cats food and make a mess. We had to keep our cat in to prevent this which meant using a litter tray etc & the cats was unhappy being locked in. All resolved !! this cat door is fantastic !! easy to set up it stops all other cats from getting in and our cat can now go in and out at will - phew ! A small click which he soon got used to, and the flap unlocks in response to his microchip. We are all happy again :-)
A decent product at a good price posted on 15/02/2017 by keen_diy_er2
I fitted the flap to a very solid 44 mm thick exterior door. I was slightly confused by the instructions which showed a 5 mm and 6 mm drilling requirement for such small diameter screws. I think that this is incorrect. The interior panel does need drilling at clearance diameter ( I used a 3 mm drill) for the screws supplied and a 1.5 mm pilot hole is needed in the door to fit the screws horizontally inside the plastic shrouded body of the flap body. The microchip paired up pretty quickly once I found the instructions on P4 of the booklet.The helpline was very efficient when I called to query.
Well made posted on 11/02/2017 by Catowner
It is well made and was a good price. The door is a little heavier than our previous cat flap and makes a little noise when used. Our fussy cat will use it when he has to,but prefers our magnetic one. But he'll have to get used to it, because we are planning to replace our other magnetic cat flap with another one of these.
Great Price posted on 08/02/2017 by Gill
Speedy delivery. Excellent product. I can see that other cats have tried to access this cat flap but have been unable to enter. Thoroughly Recommend ! I would not revert to cheaper cat flaps again.
Bargain,Bargain,Bargain. posted on 04/02/2017 by Mr Tony
If you want to save money you wont find cheaper on line than this one.Identical to leading high st shop at a lower price.Easy to fit to my side door,my two five year old cats had used a cat flap before so in a short space of time had it mastered.Didnt find it draughty,well sealed and the catch is very quite when operating.
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