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Petmate Elite Radio Frequency Selective Cat Flap 306

This product can be found in: Cat Flaps: All | Cat Mate Cat Flaps

Petmate Elite Radio Frequency Selective Cat Flap 306

Product Code: 7549
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Unfortunately, this item has been discontinued.
The Petmate Elite Selective Cat Flap includes 2 electronic ID discs, with capacity for up to 7 unique discs in total, to control entry and exit through the flap, keeping all other animals out. Its 4-way locking mechanism's LED display shows selected entry and exit lock status (Unlocked, In Only, Out Only, Locked) as well as a low battery indicator. Self-lining up to 50mm thick, the flap is ideal for all single/double glazing and any panel 0-50mm thick, as well as wall installation using a separate wall liner (not included). The flap's silent action will not frighten pets or disturb their owners. The transparent, magentically closing flap is preffered by most cats, and the flap is draft and weatherproof. Measures 24.8mm wide x 26.5mm high, cut out size 16.6mm wide x 19.2mm high or 22.9cm diameter for circular cut out.

Customer Ratings & Reviews
posted on 10/12/2010 by clare
Similar problem to the original reviewer regarding the noise when opening and closing the flap. HOWEVER, our 2 15 year moggies, who had spent 15 years being used to a silent cat flap that you just push, DID finally get used to it after a week or so. Now its great - we have two senior citizens who come and go as they like, and two kittens, who cannot get out as they don't have ID tags yet. When the kittens get a little older, we'll allow day time access to them and set the cat flap so that they cannot go out after 10pm, but the adults still have 24 hour access. Great.
Caught in two minds posted on 15/06/2009 by Trev
I bought this over a week ago. Its easy to fit, fantastically made, very strong, and easy to set up, and def' keeps other cats out. My only little set-back is the noise it makes like the other reviewer commented. Its a mechanical split second hiss noise as the lock moves up and down. My cat has had 4 days to get used to it but can't. We have to put him through manually to train him. He so far has not got used to it and is scared. I hope he gets used to it soon or I will have to be forced to change it.
PetPlanet Says:
We would like to thank the customer in this review for their comments. We would advise using treats while the cat goes through the flap to allow them to get used to this. We have contacted the customer in this review direct.
Great! posted on 24/04/2008 by Michelle Kneen
I actually have the slightly better version of this the Super Selective, but I have to say it was the best £99 I have ever paid. I had a Magnetic cat flap which was about as usefull as a cardboard door, every cat in the neighbourhood could come and go as they pleased, I seemed to be feeding them all and it was costing me a fortune. We then got a problen with one or more cats sprayig all over the house, so I finally gave in and spent the money and haven't looked back. My cat is now the only one that can get in and out of the cat flap, we have no more spraying problems and it's wonderful! The cat flap itself is very well made, very strong with a good closure system that puts up with a lot of beating from the outside as cats try and get in. The only issue with it is that your cat may have a bit of a problem getting used to the noise of the motor that pushes the closure prongs (for want of a better description) back into the door each time it closes. It sounds a little like a snake hissing and seemed to frighten my cat for the first few days, but he soongot used to it and seems very happy with it. For information the Radio disks are quite large, nearly 1.5 inches or 4cms across, but they are bery light and don't seem to affect his day to day life at all. Hope that helps!
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