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Pet Porte Smart Flap Microchip Cat Flap Door Mounting Only

This product can be found in: Cat Flaps: All | PetPorte Microchip Cat Flaps

Pet Porte Smart Flap Microchip Cat Flap - Door Mounting Only

Product Code: 51010
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Unfortunately, this item has been discontinued.
The Pet Porte Smart Flap Microchip Cat Door is the ultimate solution in automatic cat flaps! Now you can make sure that only your cat gains entry to your house. It is designed to read the most common type of microchip – the FDX-B and as well as being powered by a low-voltage power supply, the Smart Flap has a back-up battery facility to prevent your cat being locked out during a power cut, and this battery can also be used to power the Smart Flap in its basic mode. There is also a night mode that automatically prevents your cat from going out during the hours of darkness but don’t worry, your cat can still get back in if already out when you set it! An audible beep lets you know when your cat comes home and there is also a vet mode that allows your cat to enter but not go out again.

The Pet Porte Smart Flap Microchip Cat Door can be mounted in wood, pvc or glass doors and fits traditional cat flap openings. It requires a cut out of 21.2cm diameter for glass, or a square cut out of 16.9cm x 16.9cm to fit to wood or PVC, with the addition of an extra screw hole.

Weatherproofed, this cat door has a reliable locking mechanism as well as a draught excluder and you can choose a ‘power-off’ state so that a cut in power to the Smart Flap will result in either an automatic-lock mode or in the Smart Flap remaining open. As well as being powered by a low-voltage power supply, the Smart Flap has a back-up battery facility to prevent your cat being locked out during a power cut, and this battery can also be used to power the Smart Flap in its basic mode.

Extension tunnel to fit doors up to 5.2cm thick
Size of opening for cat: 16 x 16cm
Length of power cable: 2.5m
Please be aware that if your nearest power point is more than 2.2m away then you will require an extension cable, also sold by PetPlanet.

PLEASE NOTE: this is a UK ONLY electrical product. We cannot be held responsible for any problems should this product be used outwith the UK.

Please click the links below for further info:

Smart Flap User Manual

Smart Flap Installation Guide

Smart Flap Cutting Template


Customer Ratings & Reviews
excellent customer service posted on 17/08/2012 by louiselindsey
My pet porte worked beautifully for the first few months When I had a problem the customer services were excellent and sent a new one in the post almost immediately Very impressed Glad to say Ive got a working cat flap again
Great item posted on 03/08/2012 by Psychochicks
I purchased this microchip cat flap to try and prevent an unwanted cat coming into my home and it has worked a treat. It was quite fiddly to set up and scan all of my 12 cats before installation but with a friends help we managed it. Installing the cat flap was again quite fiddly but with 2 pairs of hands we managed to install it in a preexisting hole within half an hour. I would definitely recommend this cat flap as it is sturdy and secure and really helps to keep out unwanted cats.
Keeps out unwanted cats posted on 30/07/2012 by Jeremy
Having tried an infrared cat flap which was no use as our cats kept losing the collars and the keys cost 7 a time we reverted back to a standard magnetic cat flap This was no good as a bully of a ginger cat kept coming in and spraying all over the house including our cats toys Saw the Microchip cat flap and did my research first there is a slightly cheaper model on the market by a different name that one did not have such good reviews YES it is a lot of money to lay out for but lets face it I have spent over 100 on cat flaps before I bought this one This will be the last cat flap you will need to buy Make sure you take your cats to the vets before purchasing just to ensure that their microchip has not migrated further down their body otherwise the reader will not pick up your cats microchip My cats are 10 years old and their microchip they have had for 9 years was compatible and had not migrated so all good It is relatively easy to install especially if you have an existing hole and setting up is easy as long as you actually read the instructions rather than skim through them My cats took about 3 days to be absolutely comfortable with the new flap the main thing they were both wary of was not the beep it makes but rather the porch which reads the microchip Its like a hood and they thought it might have been a trap at first They now love it and go in and out as they please Oh the ginger cat no sign of him anywhere Well worth the money for peace of mind alone that no other cats will come in although nothing is guaranteed of course if the intruder wants to break the door I guess
I am sure this is going to work really well posted on 04/07/2012 by ala2vonne
We have one timid cat and one fat cat We expected the timid cat would hate the click and run off so initially we set the flap to open both ways like a normal flap Fat cat wasnt keen on using the door as the previous door was for large cats Timid cat was fine I had to raise the step on the outside to help fat cat get through the door After four days we set the flap to default mode but we set the beep to silent mode and delayed the unlock lock time from 4 to 20secs Again timid cat is fine bold fat cat is still uncertain but we think we are going to win I think its going to work just great and keep the neighbours cats out but I wish they made a larger version for large cats The lead was 1 metre too short The companys helpline were extremely helpful when I was trying to programme the flap
Advice posted on 03/07/2012 by tdjones12
Excellent productI built a step to allow my cat to get close enough to the code reader Increased the height by an inch every day until cat close enough to porch to register
Love it My cats can chill out again as unwanted visitors can no longer get in posted on 28/05/2012 by T S
Good value product and very easy to fit I would highly recommend it
Brillianteasily installed into UPVC door posted on 10/05/2012 by laurag
Simply Brilliant posted on 03/05/2012 by bkeswick
I was dubious about paying so much for a cat flap but all I can say is it was worth it. Simple all round and does exactly what it says on the box. Thanks
Fab posted on 02/05/2012 by debsmac1
Love it! Cat can come and go without the hassle of neighbours cats coming and going too. Great service from pet planet good value and fast delivery - thank you
Great product but need to make a larger version posted on 22/04/2012 by Jk
Bought this product to stop unwanted intruders and it does the job Our socket is near the door where cat flat is situated but we still needed the extension lead so my advice is to buy both together Cat flap is a lot smaller than the last one so two of my cats were reluctant to use it at first as a tight squeeze so a larger flap option would be nice The clicking noise was off putting at first but they soon got used to it Worth the money as saved a lot in cat food and the neighborhood bully no longer a threat
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