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Pet Porte Smart Flap Microchip Cat Flap Door or Wall Mounting

This product can be found in: Cat Flaps: All | PetPorte Microchip Cat Flaps

Pet Porte Smart Flap Microchip Cat Flap - Door or Wall Mounting

Product Code: 53481
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Unfortunately, this item has been discontinued.
The Pet Porte Smart Flap Microchip Cat Door is the ultimate solution in automatic cat flaps! Now you can make sure that only your cat gains entry to your house. It is designed to read the most common type of microchip – the FDX-B and as well as being powered by a low-voltage power supply, the Smart Flap has a back-up battery facility to prevent your cat being locked out during a power cut, and this battery can also be used to power the Smart Flap in its basic mode. There is also a night mode that automatically prevents your cat from going out during the hours of darkness but don’t worry, your cat can still get back in if already out when you set it! An audible beep lets you know when your cat comes home and there is also a vet mode that allows your cat to enter but not go out again.

The Pet Porte Smart Flap Microchip Cat Door can be mounted in wood, pvc or glass doors as well as walls, and also fits traditional cat flap openings. It requires a cut out of 21.2cm diameter for glass, or a square cut out of 16.9cm x 16.9cm to fit to wood or PVC, with the addition of an extra screw hole.

Weatherproofed, this cat door has a reliable locking mechanism as well as a draught excluder and you can choose a ‘power-off’ state so that a cut in power to the Smart Flap will result in either an automatic-lock mode or in the Smart Flap remaining open. As well as being powered by a low-voltage power supply, the Smart Flap has a back-up battery facility to prevent your cat being locked out during a power cut, and this battery can also be used to power the Smart Flap in its basic mode.

Extension tunnel to fit doors up to 5.2cm thick
Size of opening for cat: 16 x 16cm
Length of power cable: 2.5m
Please be aware that if your nearest power point is more than 2.2m away then you will require an extension cable, also sold by PetPlanet.

PLEASE NOTE: this is a UK ONLY electrical product. We cannot be held responsible for any problems should this product be used outwith the UK.

Please click the links below for further info:

Smart Flap User Manual

Smart Flap Installation Guide

Smart Flap Cutting Template


Customer Ratings & Reviews
Just what the vet ordered posted on 16/06/2012 by lizzythemule
Excellent value 30 cheaper than another retailer
Brilliant posted on 26/05/2012 by laratrik
So pleased with this cat flap. We bought it because other cats kept coming in to our house and spraying and eating our cat food. It was fairly simple to install and although it took a few attempts to get it in the standard mode without locking once we had it sorted it has been brilliant. One of our cats took a while to get used to the beep sound as it scans but after a few days he now uses it perfectly. This may also have been due to the fact that he is long haired and his fur was brushing on the porch part of the flap as he was trying to come in. For a few days other cats sprayed on the cat flap in protest but now they have got the message and no more nasty smells and we are saving a fortune on cat food. Well worth the money
First Class posted on 20/05/2012 by Rob
Ease of assembly ease of programming a First Class product
Excellent product posted on 20/05/2012 by missmcc
I have 5 cats and was getting other locals coming in and eating their food and making my own cats very nervous and on edge. This cat flap has changed all that, my cats are far more relaxed now and so am I. They were all used to using a flap before so they got used to this one fairly quickly I used it as a normal flap to start before setting up the microchip entry which was very easy to do. Didn't quite fit in the same hole I had standard flap in before so took a bit of jigging to get right but Overall very pleased and would recommmend
Couldnt live without it posted on 20/05/2012 by rosemaryturner1
I have had this now for 2 years I was having so many other cats coming in eating my cats food it was costing me a fortune. As well as my own cats being upset and terrified this has stopped it all. 2 of my cats did not like to use it at first because of the clicking noise but now they don't take any notice. I have 3 semi ferals that didn't mind using it would you believe I have to say it is so strong when my ferals were young they used to run down the garden and charge through it they have knocked the little ball bit on the catch off but that can be put back. If anyone has just bought one I would recommend that you have it open for the first week until they get used to it as that was the mistake that I made. Wonderful product I really don't know what I would have done without it
Love it so do my Cats posted on 17/05/2012 by mrsmcarey1
Ecellent once I worked out how to program it read instructions first My older cat wears a collar but tends to pull off anything that dangles so this is perfect
Great product posted on 16/05/2012 by direed
We purchased this after having several infra red catflaps which failed between 24 years later ate batteries It was a little tricky to fit poor quality pictures in the instructions did not help We actually fitted both halves of the flap inside the house as the wall we were mounting it on was quite deep The flap porch where the sensor is fitted nicely in the hole Works a treat our 2 cats are no longer being bullied by the local bruiser our house no longer smells of cat pee The only thing Id change would be to make the door frosted its so clear we can now see all the grott in our wall cavity
Excellent and ingenious product posted on 28/04/2012 by helenrbutler
I couldn't be more pleased with this product. I came across it when I was trying to solve the problem of a neighbourhood cat coming in daily scaring my 2 small cats eating all their food and leaving them hungry. I dont want my cats to wear collars so I was amazed to discover there was a cat flap that scanned their microchips. I found it easy to fit and my 2 got used to it in 5 minutes. Since fitting it the unwanted cat has stopped bothering us and I also had a fox try and barge its way in the other night with no success. My cats are now getting used to fact that they are actually safe in their own home I am delighted I bought this and would recommend to anyone else with similar problems - unless possibly their cat is especially large/tubby
Pet Porte Tunnel Version posted on 05/04/2012 by Michael
Due to a large male cat terrorizing my elderly female Burmese cat and also eating her food I needed a new cat flap We already had a cat flap that was activated by a transponder but my Burmese had become sensitive to wearing a collar so she could no longer wear the transponder and hence we had to set the cat flap to open For this reason there was there no control over any cat using the cat flap it was open house once cats new there was a cat flap and food inside I had our Burmese chipped after buying the Pet Porte and I can honestly say that the Pet Porte has transformed all our lives for the better It was easy to install did what it said on the box and has operated perfectly even though the tunnel is through a very thick wall Unfortunately I had to have our Burmese chipped by a different vet as her regular vet did not supply micro chips that worked with the Pet Porte Luckily I checked before having her chipped but it was very easy to find a local vet who could supply a suitable chip I suggest you make it clearer which chips work and which do not in your advertisement In my opinion the Pet Porte is a superb design and I made the right decision to select the most reliable and appropriate cat flap before having my Burmese chipped I recommend the Pet Porte 100 Delivery and price were also excellent
Got there in the end posted on 28/02/2012 by dchurch
I was a little worried when I realised this product had a much smaller flap than the one currently in place as my cat is rather fat. However as I could no longer stand getting up in the morning and having to smell that other cats had been in my house, I went ahead and installed it. It took a couple of days for my cat to get used to the new cat flap and he sat there so long outside sometimes I kept doubting it was working properly, but of course it is and I am no longer stressing about other cats coming into my home. It is funny watching my cat sqeeze through but its not doing him any harm. I also took great delight in watching one of the intruders pressing his nose up against the cat flap and wondering why he could no longer come in! well worth the money.
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