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Sureflap Microchip Cat Flap

Sureflap Microchip Cat Flap

by Sureflap

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The Sureflap Microchip Cat Flap is a revolutionary new idea that can prevent the same old problems associated with other flaps on the market. It was developed by a scientist (and cat!) combination, who were fed up of unwanted visitors causing havoc in their home and also the discomfort and possible loss associated with magnetic collars. Sureflap means that your cat doesnít even have to wear a collar. It will grant entry through recognising your catís microchip that has been implanted by the vet. It cleverly learns the microchip with a simple one button programming and will let your cat and only your cat through the flap. Should you have more than one cat, the flap will recognise up to 32 different cats. It is compatible with the common 9,10 and 15 digit microchips.

The aesthetic design of Sureflap means that it looks sleek, modern and elegant, as well as practical. You will find that it is easy to install on any door, window or wall. Should you want to replace an old model, this flap will fit into most holes left by existing cat flaps. The tunnel requires a cut out of 171x165mm. This clever design, with the flap being on the inside of the door, prevents other cats from pulling it open and with a magnetic latch, it wonít flap in the wind. It works on batteries that should need changing annually. There is a useful low battery indicator to let you know this and the flap only powers when your cat puts its head in the tunnel, again for security reasons.

There is a 4 way manual locking system where you can choose whether to allow entry only, exit only, both or locked as options. With technological security like this, both you and your pet will feel safer and more relaxed.

This product is suitable for most cats, however some larger breeds like Maine Coone may have difficulty.

Dimensions-tunnel: W14.5cm x D10.5cm x H12cm

Overall dimensions: W21cm x H21cm

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Great product
Jessieís owner
Itís easy to setup and train your cat to go near it and having the advantage of microchip identification means her friends and frenemies canít get in the house.
Easy to install and program
Very good product. My boyfriend installed it on his own without difficulty and it works perfectly for the cats.
I loved it!
I was quite concerned about getting my cat in to read the chip as she is very nervous but it went so smoothly with a few cat treats. I am still waiting for it to be fitted but love the design so sure it will look fine.
Happy Henery
We have 2 cats, Mr Chocolate, aged 10, and Henery (correct spelling!)aged 2. The older cat took to the new catflap very easily but Henery was very suspicious and avoided it for 3 days until, following advice in the manual, I taped the door open during the times he usually went out into the garden . Result? He goes in and out without any assistance. The next step is to get him to push open the flap himself, but we're in no hurry to do this. Excellent, well-constructed product - thank you.
Fantastic value,great product.
This is my second Sureflap Microchip catflap,got this one to go into a new door,my old one still works and I've had it years.The cats get used to it easily,every cat I've had got the hang of it.They love being able to come and go as they please,and we don't have to worry about them being stuck outside (or in),and when the batteries need replacing a little light flashes.Hassle free life for pet and owner,what could be better?
Fantastic item does what it says on the box
Chris Tucker
We have been having problems with other cats coming through our cat flap. We read the reviews on this product and order the sure flap.within minutes of opening the box we had removed our old cat flat and installed the new one. So easy to program and fit. Our cat was using it within minutes. Can't recommend this product enough.
Worth every penny
This is the third Sureflap I have bought The first is with the new owners of our old house The other two enable our cat and ONLY our cat access to her food in the garage and garden shed An excellent product well worth the money Easy to install and operate I would highly recommend this product
Very good condition and my cat is very pleased too
Pricey but worth it
I wanted to have a cat flap that only my cat could use as there are a lot of cats on our street and the odd fox as well This is perfect It took about a week for Larry to get used to it but uses it with ease now Very pleased with my purchase
Brilliant does exactly what I needed
Was absolutely delighted with this product and my cat has had no problems using at all This was a replacement for a standard cat flap and I needed to exclude all the other neighbourhood cats who had discovered the open house and were getting well fed The instructions that came with this item were extremely thorough covering lots of scenarios and providing suitable caution before fitting on potential issues In my case I found it to be a perfect fit for the existing catflap so it just slotted in straight away with screw holes lining up perfectly Programming to recognise Clive was no problem steps exactly as described in the manual and we got it to work for him immediately Not a cheap item but to be honest Im expecting it to pay for itself in reduced catfood costs
I need to buy a cat flap to be installed into a double glazed glass door. Please advise if this catflap is suitable for glass & if I need an adapter as well? Many thanks, Nicky
Yes this can be fitted to a glass door, if you follow this link , there is installation requirements for the different door types on the instructions.
Is this cat flap compatible with a microchip 15 characters long?
his pet door is suitable with the most common digit microchips which are - 9,10 and 15 characters
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