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Puppy Training Pad Holder

Puppy Training Pad Holder

Product Code: 3356
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Unfortunately, this item has been discontinued.
Training pads are a terrific convenience, but what if your floors are very slippery or your dog likes to tug on them, pull them around the house, or shred them? It's the Puppy Training Pad Holder to the rescue. This frame holds Puppy Training Pads firmly in place. It keeps your dog from thinking that the pad is something to be played with. These are great when housebreaking a puppy and also good for dogs who are left inside all day. Use with most brands of disposable training pads. Ideal on wood or laminate floors where excited puppies can slip and slide on the pads.

Customer Ratings & Reviews
just the job posted on 13/12/2012 by lmfoster
We used to use one of these when Phoebe was a puppy as she was unable to go outside for a few months due to an horrific incident which happened before we got her leaving her with extensive injuries Now she is reaching her geriatric years and finds it difficult to last through the night we thought that it would prove useful once again just to avoid little accidents The frame is an ideal way to keep the pads secure
Did the trick! posted on 05/05/2010 by Cocker puppy
My very destructive puppy loves nothing more than shredding his training pads (clean or dirty, euw) when left in his crate. This gadget more or less stopped him doing this; he still sometimes manages to tear a little bit, but nothing like the disaster area he used to leave (and I had to clean up). It's very cheap too, so a great solution to a tricky problem.
great value and saved puppies dragging the pads into thei bed posted on 20/11/2009 by
loved it posted on 23/07/2009 by Hartley's mini-mum
The Holder certainly made life easier the pads stay in place nicely and we have had no messes at all. up until getting the Pad Holder I used to wrap the pad around a floor mat to hold it in place, but that was easily ripped off
Arrived very quickly and all goods as described posted on 29/04/2009 by maggsandtedasher
wished i'd seen it before posted on 27/01/2009 by pamelaarnold
as my chihuahua has choose the front door to do his business on his pads i now find it's a lot easier to pick up the with the frame when the front door bell rings. great invention.
Great product posted on 10/06/2008 by jacquii19
keeps the pads in place effectively
great invention posted on 30/01/2007 by Labrador lover
with my other pups, they chewed either the paper or pads but this kept them in place and unchewed , excellent
Great when in use but a bit fiddly to set up posted on 24/10/2012 by Kate
As I have difficulty bending the frame is very fiddly and keeps coming apart once it is set up it is fairly rigid and has solved the problem of the pad ending up screwed in a ball or on the other side of the room I dont agree that most pads fit All the pads I have ever seen are rectangular This frame is square you will need the pads that are the same make as the frame
Works for us - Mostly! posted on 30/04/2010 by sharonjoanfiguerola637
I really loved this idea as both our current pups are terrors for shredding the pads. This does discourage it quite well. Although if left alone for slightly longer than normal our girl will still rip up the middle of the pad. It's terrific for helping the "aim" and keeping the wee wee on the pad and helping to stop overspill off the sides. The bottom can come apart quite easily and our boy can take it to bits if bored but a vast vast improvement. Works brilliantly in their crate and bedtime pen. Unfortunately for us our girl totally ignores it when she is running free. Overall, I love this product and it really does help and looks much tidier too. Much better than loose pads or newspapers being scattered everywhere as they charge around the house!
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