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Living World Teach N Treat 3 Games in 1

This product can be found in: Guinea Pig Toys | Rabbit Toys | Small Animal Toys

Living World Teach N Treat - 3 Games in 1

Product Code: 56550
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Do you want to keep your small pet happy, active and alert? Living World Teach N Treat is just what you need. This set of 3 games will encourage your furry friend to forage for treats through observation, listening and learning. Suitable for rabbits, chinchillas, guinea pigs or rats, these games offer a fabulous way for you to interact and develop an emotional bond with your pet. As they master one of the games, simply take them up to the next challenge. They will be having so much fun they won’t even realise that they are learning! 24x24cm (9.5x9.5")

Customer Ratings & Reviews
great but too easy for my clever lad posted on 24/02/2014 by Bongo
My bun learnt all 3 levels really quickly but he loves playing with it to find treats
Brilliant posted on 30/11/2013 by nicola
Both my rabbits love this I never feed them in a bowls as I find this very boring and not at all stimulating for them They did fnd it fairly easy to solve all the levels Although does make them use their brains
posted on 27/04/2012 by Alison
Daughters rabbit loves this and had gone to level 3 in no time
Brilliant posted on 29/08/2011 by Joanna
My two rabbits love this It makes treat time much more interesting and gives them more of a challenge
Better than expected :o) posted on 28/02/2011 by Cobwebs
I didn't expect too much when I bought this for my guinea pigs, thinking they would lose interest quickly or be unable to work it out. How wrong I was! My 3 and a half year old guinea pig Tiggy, took great interest in it once she discovered it had pieces of cucumber in it. It took her a little while to work out what to do but she persisted and got the treats. She does get possessive over it and won't let her pal Misty get close, working faster to get the treats so Misty can't get any. :o) It's made of durable plastic, cleans easily and not brittle enough to break apart with persistent little teeth! I thought it might be a little expensive for what it is but it's well made, should certainly last and Tiggy has had so much fun with it so far it was well worth it. Tips I would give are if using vegetable treats, don't cut them too small or flat otherwise the guinea pig can't get a hold of them and gets frustrated. Don't use too large pieces or it won't fit under the disc or allow it to move and don't use treats that take too long to eat or fills them up so the guinea pig loses interest.
Good posted on 20/05/2011 by Beth
Bought for my guinea pigs Though Ive yet to use it the built quality is good and it was reduced when I bought it so even better
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