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Catit Design Senses Scratch Pad 50725

Catit Design Senses Scratch Pad 50725

Product Code: 8930
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Play and stimulation for your cat with the Catit Design Senses Scratch Pad! Designed to encourage your cat's natural senses through touch, smell and taste. This scratch pad also provides essential scratching surfaces your cat instinctively needs. Catnip and/or treats can be concealed in cut-outs for added "hunt and play" element. Catnip included. Also includes an accu-pressure mat giving point paw massage to puss.

Customer Ratings & Reviews
Not sure posted on 16/09/2010 by susan
I put catnip in straight away but I don't think any of my four are too interested. To be fair, only one of them uses any kind of scratcher. I will keep trying with the catnip.
Cat Bliss posted on 16/01/2010 by Paul Tompkins
Our cat loves the Senses Scratch Pad to the point we will be requiring a refill soon.
I loved it posted on 05/01/2010 by sarah280
I have two cats aged 2 and they have not let it alone since I received it. It is well worth the money, my only regret is that I didn't buy it sooner for them.
great fun posted on 25/11/2009 by
My cats were fighting over this within minutes of opening it - they love it.
excellent product posted on 21/09/2009 by insane-insecure
My kittens love it, as soon as it was out and set up they were straching away. Its been a few weeks now and although they still strach it it hasnt come apart as i thought it would its holding up quite well. I have the whole set of senses items and they love it.
Not interested posted on 14/08/2009 by Ayesha
Perhaps the new kitten will like it? or maybe there are just so many things to play with!
Brilliant posted on 07/03/2009 by julieprow
I bought this to complete the circuit and one of my two rescue cats loves it. She doesn't scratch it but I rub catnip into it and she rubs her face all over it and then curls up to sleep on it I did try hiding treats in it but she ripped it up luckily I bought refill. My other cat shows no interest in it though so it could be a hit or a miss.
Promise of money well spent posted on 19/09/2012 by Eskimo333
We have two cats neither of them had cottoned on to it being a scratch pad until this morningthere are claw marks on it Im sure once one starts scratching the other one will followrather than doing it on out leather chairs I have to say I have bought them so many catnip products and neither have ever been interested This scratch pad comes with a tiny pot of catnip and Ive never seen anything like it they both wont leave it alone I have put it in the holes on the pad but the both rub their faces on it rather than using their claws I hold out hope though Good money well spentgood design good value and perfect with the snake track Im not sure what the proper name for it is
Good with catnip posted on 26/04/2010 by kelly81
I have 3 cats and they weren't too sure to start off with but as soon as i added a sprinkle of catnip to the toy they went loopy over it. They did lose interest after a while, but my little one loves using it as a scratcher. All i have to do is add more catnip and they're all over it again. I defo think this was worth £10.20 as its completely different from any of their other toys, so it gives them a range of things to do. If your cat isn't interested in catnip i don't think they would get much use out of it though.
Very Good! posted on 09/02/2009 by paul-greenwood1
Both the cat and the kitten love this and we do too because it saves on the wallpaper, woodwork, furniture etc......
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