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Breeder Celect Recycled Paper Cat Litter

Breeder Celect Recycled Paper Cat Litter

by Breeder Celect

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£7.99 - £11.99
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Breeder Celect Recycled Paper Cat Litter is the litter choice for many cat breeders and there are many good reasons!

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Made from 99% recycled paper
  • Contains no additives or chemicals
  • Odour is controlled naturally and it is biodegradable
  • This litter offers a superior performance being highly absorbent
  • Suitable for all cat breeds
  • Economical as it is long lasting
  • Lightweight with convenient handles that make the it easier to lift and the easy pour spout gives easy control over pouring
  • Dust free formulation

Available in 20 and 30 litre sizes.

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QUALITY (4.9/5)
VALUE (4.8/5)
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Excellent value for money
Saves by buying in bulk ,kittens are like babies go through a lot of litter and nappies.
Product reviewed: 30Lt
Excellent value, superb litter.
I would never consider using any other cat litter, especially at the price PetPlanet sell it for which is much cheaper than anywhere else. The litter is recycled, lightweight yet stays within the tray despite Jasmine's best efforts!! It doesn't get trodden around on her paws, absorbs any smells and tips into the bags I use easily making the litter tray simple to clean. Highly recommended by Jasmine and me.
Product reviewed: 30Lt
Great product
Product reviewed: 30Lt
Excellent value.
Been using this litter for several months now. I like that it's echo friendly and compostable. My cats have taken to and rather than the wood pellets it doesn't tread all round the house. Will continue to purchase monthly for my 5 cats.
Product reviewed: 30Lt
Product good but delivery service poor
Product reviewed: 20Lt
Great quality litter at a great vaue price from Petplanet
We have been using recycled newspaper cat litter for years and when our usual supplier ceased trading we had to look for an alternative and this is when we came across Breeder Celect and Back2Nature which are basically the same product only one being in the main marketed towards cats and the other to small animals like rabbits, rodents, ferrets etc. We have used both for our cats buying which ever is the best price we can find on the internet at the time. Most lately we have stuck with Petplanet which seems to consistently offer a reasonable price, supply large quantities and delivery is fast and efficient which is brilliant service and great for us. This recycled newspaper litter has no dust, no smell, no clumping but rather the urine trickles to the bottom of the litter being absorbed into the paper as you would expect and is easily distinguished from the clean dry litter and therefore easily removed, cutting down on excess litter waste + expense. If the stools lie on top or get buried by you cat/kitten they just stick to the adjacent litter pellets, again making removal easy, cutting down on excess litter pellet waste and expense.This is an excellent cat litter, one we have been using for years and highly recommend and have found to be at good value from Petplanet who by the way provide an excellent service.
Product reviewed: 30Lt
This is great
I have used this litter for a long time it is great.
Product reviewed: 30Lt
Favourite litter
Luckily our two girls will use any litter i give them, but i really like this particular one. It's really easy to scoop stuff out, doesn't smell and is so easy to clean when doing a total clean of the catloo. It comes out and doesn't stick or leave any residue. I've been using this for quite some time now and see no reason to stop.
Product reviewed: 30Lt
Excellent product
Sargenta cats
I have been breeding silver tabby and spotted cats for 35 years. Breeders celect is easily the best cat litter I have used since it has been available. It is extremely good value for money and the cats like it. As a real bonus it is dust free. The service from pet planet has been very good and very quick. I shall carry on using both the litter and the supplier. Ursula Graves
Product reviewed: 30Lt
I love it
There is no smell (I have two neutered tomcats), it leaves the box cleanly in preparation for further cleaning and re-loading with more Breeder Celect re-cycled paper cat litter.
Product reviewed: 30Lt