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Cool Pets Rosies Rabbit Home

Cool Pets Rosies Rabbit Home

by Cool Pets

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£149.99 - £166.99

A brilliantly designed and versatile hutch, Cool Pets Rosies Rabbit Home is ideal for two rabbits. This sturdy structure allows you to give your bunnies the freedom of upstairs and downstairs, or you can simply close the ramp cover to turn it into two single hutches.  It is easily cleaned and accessible and, with plenty of space, your pets will be extremely comfortable.

Customer note: You should ensure that your rabbit has daily exercise in a suitably secure run, please ensure your pet has enough space for living and exercising by taking a look at PetPlanets important Rabbit House Sizing advice.

Click here for advice on caring for your rabbit. This is the RSPCA Guide as supported by the RWAF.

Please click here to view the Rabbit Welfare Association website.

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Great size and excellent quality and east to assemble
Great hutch but now unable to find a hutch over to fit as the one on this site has been discontinued.
Product reviewed: 6ft x 2.5ft
Great Sized Hutch and Good Value
I've had this hutch a couple of weeks now and I'm very impressed. The 6 foot size is plenty big enough for three medium sized rabbits and mine love it. I particularly like that it is 2.5 foot deep - this is deeper than most mass-produced hutches, and really makes a difference to the sense of space - especially when there is a ladder between floors. Easy to assemble. Good layout. We bought the matching cover too.
Product reviewed: 6ft x 2.5ft
Perfect hutch!
Our rabbits love their hutch - it's very spacious & they can easily run about in it. Easy to clean and access to replenish food bowls. Good quality and well made. The hutch had damage in transit and again Pet Planet very promptly offered us a partial refund and processed this very quickly. We highly recommend this company.
Product reviewed: 6ft x 2.5ft
So spacious for my ferrets
I bought this hutch and I am amazed by how good the quality is better than others out there on the market. Great value for money, easy to assemble with two people instructions clear. My three ferrets have so much space to roam in and play the bottom is there play area an the top too I've hung hammocks etc inside. Also can be turned into two separate hutches with the trap door which I really love and great for separating while you clean out too. You would have to remove the ladder for two separate hutches so that the door isn't pushed open. Again I would highly recommend to anyone for their bunny's guinea pigs ferrets this size is so sufficient and they have the space they need I certainly wouldn't buy any smaller than this really so am really happy
Product reviewed: 6ft x 2.5ft
Great Hutch
We needed to replace our old hutch and found this one had the room for our 3 rabbits, it was easy to build and looks fab, well worth the money.
Product reviewed: 5ft x 2.5ft
C Thompson
The hutches are big, relatively easy to assemble. impressed with the amount of space the rabbits have to stretch out. I brought two hutches, one hutch is fine, the other one we had problems with the locks, they dont seem to have been put on right and I have had trouble locking the doors. (not bad enough to want to return the hutch, but disappointing) It is hard to get the rabbits out of the hutch because there is no left hand side door. Because the hutches are so big, if a rabbit goes in the left hand corner, there is no moving them. I am worried if one of my rabbits is having a medical emergency, I am going to find it hard to get them out of the hutch. I have to use a long flat piece of wood to clean out the hutches as I have difficulty reaching those bits. Having trouble convincing 2/4 bunnies to go up the ramp, they had ramps in their old hutch so they are used to them It is a better hutch than most i have seen on the market but little let down by the door issue
Product reviewed: 5ft x 2.5ft
Wish I had of returned this.
This hutch is massive and looks quite nice... which was what I wanted but that is as far as this hutch goes. The box had footprints all over one side which caused the roof to become damaged (it had a hole through the felt on the roof). There was also another massive hole in the box. It was really badly packaged as if it had been better protected it would not have become damaged? A couple of days later when I went to build the hutch I found more damage but decided to keep it as I desperately needed the hutch, due to our other hutches being to small. Basically the rabbits had been inside over the winter and when putting them back outside for the warmer weather our younger rabbit had doubled in side and was so unhappy he started chewing at the door making it no longer fox proof. The hutch was a fairly easy to build but the instruction were a bit unclear when it came to putting the floors in. The design of the hutch is terrible. The floors are completely flat and all the bedding falls thought the hole for the stairs and open doors. All our other multi floored hutches and cages have had a piece of wood along the open edges to stop that happening. A few times the rabbits have fallen through the hole. I am going to have to put up a small wooden wall to prevent the above happening again. The hutch is basically completely open planned accept for the small area on the top floor behind the wooden door. This means that the rabbits may not get much protection from the wind and rain. They are probably really cold at night as all their bedding ends up on the lower floor which is basically just a run. I had bought this double storey hutch thinking that if I needed to separate the rabbits for whatever reason they would have a floor each. The doors locks often are too hard to close on the bottom floor that I have had to get help. I am not sure how long this hutch will last as it is only a month or so old. They do appear to also be very frightened in this hutch especially at night as they are constantly stamping. We have had complains from a neighbour so our youngest rabbit has to be brought in at night. I can hear the rabbits hopping in the hutch quite clearly and have had their nails checked. I have tried adding extra sawdust (but it falls through the hole) to try to make the hutch quieter. It is only tonight that I realised that the flooring is made from thin veneer nailed onto a frame to made to look like it is solid wood. I found this out by a crack on the flooring and can see any area behind that top veneer. So I will probably have to replace the floors as it now has a sharp edge. After a few days of use the front of the hutch started bowing outwards. This was fixed by adding extra screws. All in all I would not recommend this hutch. I am really disappointed. If I'd bought it from a store I WOULD have returned it. Really poor value for money as we've had to put a new roof on (OK was given a discount to do this), one floor needs replacing due to a crack, I need to add wood to stop the bedding falling through the hole for the stairs and doorways (as this is a very large hutch having to replace all the bedding from the top floor every day is not very practical and is quite costly), the side is damaged and at least one panel of the wood should be replaced. The RRP is 200. No way is this worth that amount of money. I really do wish that when I saw the initial damage I arrange for it to be collected. I do not see this hutch lasting more than a couple of years was hoping that this one would last the rest of the lives of our middle aged rabbits.
PetPlanet Says
Thank you for your review. I can see we have resolved the issues with this product. Kind Regards Petplanet Customer Care
Product reviewed: 4ft x 2.5ft

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