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Hills Feline Adult

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Science Plan Feline Adult is perfect for keeping your adult cat in tip-top shape. Complete and balanced, Science Plan has everything she needs to stay strong, healthy and happy. With the Superior Antioxidant Formula, your cat will have the benefit of extra protection against the risks of disease. Developed to meet the nutrient and energy needs of adult cats 1-6 years of age, Science Plan Adult has Hill's Superior Antioxidants Formula to help support the immune system. Promotes healthy skin and shiny coat. Contains Taurine to help maintain normal heart function and retinal structure. Controlled Phosphorus formula to maintain healthy kidneys.
Customer Ratings & Reviews
Can't talk now - eating!! posted on 03/11/2017 by Robocats
Product Reviewed: 15kg
I bought several brands of dried food and let my kitties choose which they prefer. The one that got the most paws in the air was Hills. I've been breeding BSH's for over twenty years and my kitties diet is still Science Plan. On another level however, I have to recognise the service and attention I have received from Petplanet - always thorough and professional, thank you.
Value and Convenience posted on 23/07/2017 by John B
Product Reviewed: 15kg
We’ve been buying 10Kg bags of dried cat food from Pet Planet for getting on for a year now and it is by far the best, and cheapest, way of feeding the cats. I’ve worked out that it costs about £4.00 a week to feed two cats; less than half of what we were paying when we bought 1.5Kg bags from the local pet shop. We’ve just bought a 15Kg bag of Hills so that will work out even less. The bigger the bags the cheaper it is per Kg. Keeping it fresh is not a problem – we put a week’s supply into a plastic container and re-seal the bulk bag and it is always fresh. Our cats are very fussy and they love it. When we’re on the last week we just order a new bag. Having it delivered is very convenient it means that we no longer have to remember to add it to the weekly shopping or have to make a special trip to the shop. We wouldn’t do it any other way now.
Absolutely Fabulous posted on 15/06/2017 by Mrs F
Product Reviewed: 5kg
I have 5 cats and they all absolutely love these rabbit flavour biscuits! As soon as I replenish the bowl, it isn't long before it is empty again. I have bought many types and flavours of food but this rabbit flavour is certainly top of the list as far as the cats are concerned.
My cat loves this posted on 16/05/2017 by Maria
Product Reviewed: 5kg
This is the only cat food my cat will eat, same make, same flavour every time, so it must be ok
Only the best for our rescue cats posted on 20/04/2017 by PAWS
Product Reviewed: 15kg
We use Hill's Optimal Care at our cat rescue sanctuary and we wouldn't use anything else. It soon helps to restore undernourished cats to their optimal health. They all love it so there is no waste. We can't afford to waste any money, we are on a very tight budget so this is why we choose to buy Hill's. It may cost more than some other complete foods so it is worth every penny to see the cats happy and healthy and for the peace of mind it gives us knowing they are well fed.
posted on 19/04/2017 by burleabritz
Product Reviewed: 10kg
Grat value posted on 17/04/2017 by D Jones
Product Reviewed: 10kg
Yum! Yum! posted on 13/04/2017 by deryckchurch
Product Reviewed: 15kg
Our cats love this product and cannot get enough of it!
Superb value posted on 12/04/2017 by Jackie
Product Reviewed: 10kg
My two large farm cats, are eleven years old both boys brothers actually. This size lasts them twelve weeks, it is the only dry cat food they will eat. It keeps their fur in good condition, their urinary tract in good order, and they always eat up every piece. They need a good supply of clean water, as it does make them drink a lot.
Lily loves it posted on 11/04/2017 by Tiger
Product Reviewed: 2kg
Lily was a stray cat who gave birth to 6 large kittens 12 months ago, all the kittens found homes but mom din't, we had just had our beloved boy with white bow tie & underpants known as Jasper put to sleep due to cancer. To our consternation when the cat now known as Lily came home with us she wouldn't eat anything but Hill's chicken Scientific dry city food, we have tried all the dry cat food and the wet variety, Lily's look of 'You really expect me to eat that, you're dreaming'! So Hills Chicken it is, she thinks so at any rate and that' s the important thing, we just pay for it along with butler duties etc
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Hills Feline Adult

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