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B'Seen Night Light
Tried & Tested by Yvonne Jack (our Customer Services Manager)

Many of you who have read my previous Tried & Tested’s will know that Dougie (my partner) and I love to go camping with our three dogs. However we like camping in the middle of a huge field, miles from anywhere, with no other humans in sight, where we can really enjoy the company of the three girls, Sophie and Jemma , the two Golden Retrievers, and Katie, the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier.

Luckily we have a farmer friend who supplies us with a fabulous location for our holidays and long weekends. The girls all love this too and have their own little tent, which fits into one of the bedrooms in our own continental tent. (Originally they did share our bedroom, but sadly, there just wasn’t enough room for all of us!)

During the days, the girls run about the field to their hearts’ content, thoroughly enjoying their total freedom. During the summer months, when darkness doesn’t fall until 11.00pm, we are all happy to fall into bed at that time, exhausted.

However when we go camping in the Spring and Autumn, it gets darker quicker, and believe me in the middle of a field, miles from anywhere, the darkness is black, especially if there is no moonlight. This is when the B’Seen Night Lights come into their own. I put one on each of my girls’ collars (they have a fitting like a keyring) and as soon as they need out, just turn the lights on. The orange light glows out strongly in the darkness showing us exactly where the girls are, so we can rest easy, knowing that they cannot do a disappearing act on us! On their return to the tent, we simply switch the lights off.

After using them so successfully on holiday, it is now the norm to attach them to their collars in October and there they stay until February/March time. That way we know if we are out on a walk, and it gets dark quicker than anticipated, or if it becomes somewhat misty or heavy rain falls, we can easily switch the lights on and we will know immediately where the girls are. The orange glow of the lights gives us confidence to take the girls on all their favourite walks over the winter months.

The batteries seem to last for ages as we have used the same Night Lights for the last 2 years. And their lights are still as strong as ever.

One of the really good things about the B’Seen Night Light is that it is really lightweight and quite small so they are suitable for any breed of dog, from the smaller Poms to the larger Mastiffs. And with Chrismas approaching, why not include one in your best friend’s stocking? It will certainly give you peace of mind walking on those long, dreary, winter days ahead.

I have been asked to do a T & T on the Polybrite collars and tags and so I will let you know how we get on with these in the near future.

See further information about the B'Seen Night Light

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