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Old Dog with Bleeding Nostril

Q: Old Dog with Bleeding Nostril PetPlanet Vets PPAdmin pettalk@petplanet.co.uk Our 17 year old dog has recently been leaking blood out of her left nostril,
its only spots hear and there and she seems to be sneezing a lot. Apart for
this she is very healthy, should we be worried about this?

A:Old Dog with Bleeding Nostril PetPlanet Vets PPAdmin pettalk@petplanet.co.uk Dear Chris,

First let me say "Well done" on having a 17 year old dog - that is pretty unusual - you must be looking after her very well! As regards her sneezing a lot and spotting blood - there must be something wrong up her left nostril to cause that. She may be bleeding because of sneezing so hard {i.e. bursting a little blood vessel} but why is she sneezing so much in the first place? Has there been a lot of dust in the house recently - have you been decorating, spraying something that you do not normally use, etc. that could be irritating her? If you can think of a cause like that, then I would not be too worried as it should settle when you stop whatever is causing it.

But if there is no obvious cause like that for the sneezing, then there could be something up that nostril, such as a blade of grass {something we see in practice, especially in animals who eat grass occasionally as many cats and dogs do} or a little polyp or some sort of infection. So it would be best to have your vet check her over, although it is understandably difficult to examine up dogs noses!

Hope it soon settles,

Maeve Moorcroft MVB MRCVS
{PetPlanet Vet}

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