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GSD Post Op Problem

Q: GSD Post Op Problem PetPlanet Talk Adminstrator PPAdmin pettalk@petplanet.co.uk I recently( 5 days ago) had my 4 year old male German Shepherd neutered. His
scrotum has swollen to 3 times his pre neutered size and is reddish/blue. Is this normal or should I be bringing him to the vet pronto?? He has not been licking his incision!

A:GSD Post Op Problem PetPlanet Talk Adminstrator PPAdmin pettalk@petplanet.co.uk It is quite common, after castration, for the scrotum of a dog to fill up to at least it's preneutering size due to ooze from blood vessels and inflammatory fluid tending to fill a now available space. In some cases the swelling can be considerably greater than the original scrotal size as the scrotal skin is very elastic. Hence your dog's three times size swelling is not particularly remarkable. Because the swelling is made up of blood and inflammatory fluid the scrotum does tend to appear rather bruised during this phase. If you dog appears excessively uncomfortable or unwell, then you should contact your vet. The contents of the swelled scrotum represents and excellent medium for the development of infection and so antibiotics and antiiflammatories may be required if not already in use. The swelling does subside in time, though it may take quite an extended period for it to resolve fully. Angela Bodey MRCVS (Vet for PetPlanet.co.uk)

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