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Male Neutered Cats who are Pooing on the Bed

Q: Male Neutered Cats who are Pooing on the Bed PetPlanet Vets PPAdmin pettalk@petplanet.co.uk I have a 2 year old mixed breed and an 18 month old British Shorthair, both of which I keep as house cats. Recently the mixed breed has started "poohing" for want of a better phrase on the bed in the room where their litter tray is kept. I have tried Neroli oil on the quilt as I was advised that this would act as a deterrent but it has made no difference. Both cats are male and neutered. Any suggestions as why he is doing this and any hints to stop him from doing this?

A:Male Neutered Cats who are Pooing on the Bed PetPlanet Vets PPAdmin pettalk@petplanet.co.uk Sometimes cats will start doing this sort of thing due to stress - have you been away on holiday recently, or had visitors in the house, or is there a new cat in the neighbourhood etc? This last example could lead to him wanting to mark his territory.Is he still passing urine as normal in the tray? It may be worth providing another tray so that they don't have to share, or changing the type of litter you use. Cats will not urinate or defecate at the same place as they eat, so if the problem only occurs at one place, on the bed, it may be worth trying to feed him on the bed for a while to deter him from defecating there. It would be a good idea in any case to take him to your vet to discuss the problem and have him checked over, just in case there is a physical problem causing him to do this. Jen Campbell BVMS MRCVS
(PetPlanet Vet)

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