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Worming a Pregnant Bitch

Q: Worming a Pregnant Bitch PetPlanet Vets PPAdmin pettalk@petplanet.co.uk Hi I have a quick question that I hope you can solve for me.My boxer bitch Skye is currently 44-46 days pregnant.She was wormed before going to stud and I have been told to worm her now .I bought tablets from my vets but they are for tapeworm and roundworm.They know that she is having puppies ,but I thought that whelping dogs should only be wormed for roundworm as the tapeworm tablets can damage the unborn puppies.I was given Drontal Plus.Is this ok for her?
I would be so grateful for any advice you could give.

from Anthea Sharpe

A:Worming a Pregnant Bitch PetPlanet Vets PPAdmin pettalk@petplanet.co.uk Dear Anthea, My goodness - a house full of boxer puppies - I hope you know what you are letting yourself in for ! To answer your query - Drontal plus can be used safely in pregnant bitches The data sheet that come with the tablets says just to be careful not to exceed the stated dose when treating pregnant bitches. The dose is 1 tablet per 10kg, so if she weight 20kgs it will be 2 tablets together, etc. The reason most pregnant bitches are done for roundworm is that that is the main worm that we are worried about in pups - they will get roundworms direct from the bitch, but not tapeworms. Panacur is a very good drug which does roundworms but has to be given daily from day 40 of pregnancy every day until 2 days after they give birth { approx. 25 days } Good luck with the impending birth! Maeve Moorcroft MVB MRCVS { PetPlanet Vet }

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