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Kitten with Blood in Faecaes

Q: Kitten with Blood in Faecaes PetPlanet Vets PPAdmin pettalk@petplanet.co.uk I'm a little concerned as my 15 week old devon rex male kitten has been passing
a small amount of blood in his faeces. his faeces appears well formed for the
most part but then the last bit appears shiny and has a 'thread' of blood to
it. we only got him on saturday and he did not eat or drink for a day and a half and then all he would eat was raw minced lamb. I have now managed to get him to drink regularly (since sunday night) and he is now eating IAMS adult food and NO lamb. Do you think the blood is related to the minced lamb? should i be taking him to the vet if he passes blood today or tomorrow? he is very happy and playful and loves affection so he doesn't seem to be unwell. i'd really
appreciate any advice you could give me.

many thanks

jessica gold

A:Kitten with Blood in Faecaes PetPlanet Vets PPAdmin pettalk@petplanet.co.uk Dear Jessica,

There are several possible causes for his problem.

As he has had a traumatic few days, your kitten may be just adjusting to a change in diet and are surroundings. The fact that he is bright and lively and that there is no diarrhoea presently are all good signs, and my first thought is that he may be a little constipated (does he strain when he is trying to pass a motion). Constipation may reflect dietary changes and raw meat because it contains minimal levels of dietary fibre or roughage can cause stools to become a little more solid than normal, resulting in more straining which may be so hard and prolonged that there is bleeding from the rectum.

From the signs you are describing I would say that this incident is unlikely to be very serious, but if signs get worse, if diarrhoea or sickness develops, or if your kitten appears to be lethargic and looses its appetite I would see a vet as soon as possible.

However, as there are a couple of other problems that may be the cause of his symptoms, such as infection. I would suggest that if there is still blood and mucus in the stool tomorrow (thursday) I would pay a visit to your vet who will be able to carry out a full examination and just check that he is completely well. You will also be able to get advice about worming and vaccinations.

I hope this reassures you and helps with your decision.

Allie Woodward


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