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Neutered Dog who Mounts other Male Dogs

Q: Neutered Dog who Mounts other Male Dogs PetPlanet Vets PPAdmin My dog Ben, despite being neutered is continually trying to 'mount' other dogs we meet when out on walks. These dogs are usually male & are not happy about having this done to them & a fight often follows. Is there any kind of medication Ben could be given to curb his ardour or is there some training he needs. Apart from it being embarrassing for me & the other dog owner, I am afraid that either of the dogs involved could be hurt in the snarling match that follows & I obviously do not want this. Your advice would be appreciated. Frances Hutchison

A:Neutered Dog who Mounts other Male Dogs PetPlanet Vets PPAdmin It is possible that hormonal therapy may help you control this behaviour. Although the effects of these drugs are most marked in the entire dog they do have wider effects in the behaviour centres of the brain. The effects are very individual and would be a question of trial therapy and assessment. See your veterinary surgeon regarding this. Extra training would be a very good idea as it would help to reinforce your authority with Ben and increase your confidence in managing him. Try to contact local dog training classes to see if they have a suitable session or look for a book with some basic exercises you could begin yourself. Hazel Johnston MRCVS (Vet for PetPlanet)

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