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Behavoiur changes in a young rabbit

Q: Behavoiur changes in a young rabbit PetPlanet Vets PPAdmin pettalk@petplanet.co.uk month old rabbit who up until now has been really calm, but has started kicking when I try to get him out of his hutch to put him in the run. Will neutering help?

A:Behaviour changes in a young rabbit PetPlanet Vets PPAdmin pettalk@petplanet.co.uk I am afraid that I have not received the very first part of your message and so do not know the age of your rabbit.However, I think that the rabbit's change in behaviour probably relates to the time of year and the animal's stage of maturation.He's probably just experiencing rabbit adolescence. Castration will probably help to settle thing back down (depending upon his age). Angela Bodey MRCVS (Vet for PetPlanet)

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